Tutorial Republic – Free Web Development Tutorials


Tutorial Republic is an online platform dedicated to teaching web development to newcomers. It features free learning resources that are designed to teach newcomers how to use various coding tools and standard HTML tags. Many of these resources are interactive and provide step-by-step tutorials. For example, MarkSheet is a free HTML tutorial that provides 50 lessons and articles that explain the basics of HTML in an easy-to-read format.

JavaScript For Cats

JavaScript For Cats is a comprehensive guide for new programmers that presents the fundamentals of JavaScript in a fun way. It’s written as if you’re talking to a cat, and consists of one page divided into several sections that detail the basics of JavaScript. For more in-depth tutorials on JavaScript, check out DigitalOcean’s community page, where you’ll find videos, tutorials, and answers to your tech questions. The site also includes helpful code snippets and screenshots.

Another great site for JavaScript learning is Learn-JS, which offers interactive lessons for both beginners and experts. It’s divided into advanced and basic sections, with easy-to-understand explanations and exercises. In addition, Learn-JS allows you to type in code directly into a window and get instant results.

Envato Tutsplus

Envato Tutsplus is a website where you can find thousands of free tutorials on a variety of subjects. It began as an educational library, and today offers over 1,200 courses and a YouTube channel with more than 5,000 videos. In addition, the site offers step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

The site features professional tutors who use cutting-edge web designing applications. Another popular option is Lynda, an American company that provides video tutorials on business, software, and creative skills. For example, Lynda offers video tutorials on 3D animation, which is a growing trend. Other video tutorials include visual Java and programming guidance, and training for becoming a digital illustrator or marketer.


Codecademy is a popular web application that teaches the building blocks of coding. Launched in 2011, it has taught millions of people how to code for free. Its courses have also launched the careers of thousands of developers. Codecademy’s courses are ideal for beginners. They are free and offer hands-on learning.

In the UK, the company works with the Department of Education to develop courses and tools to help teachers teach computer science. Their Pupil Tracker system helps teachers plan lessons and track students’ progress. The mission of Codecademy is to help everyone learn computer science. The company’s tutorials are straightforward and easy to follow. Beginners and more experienced IT workers alike are flocking to its courses.

While Codecademy is an excellent resource for learning programming languages, there are some notable shortcomings. The online courses are not comprehensive. Some courses focus on syntax rather than application. For example, a developer might be learning JavaScript but not knowing how to apply it. The introductory course does not dive into the Document Object Model (DOM), nor do they teach the coding habits necessary to write clean code.

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