Travel Quest Network Reviews


If you’re interested in earning commissions through travel, you’ll probably want to check out Travel Quest Network Reviews. You’ll find out what the company’s new Associate Agency Program is all about, as well as the support it gets from GDS and its supplier partnerships. There are also some great tips and tricks for maximizing your travel agent earnings.

Review of Travel Quest Network

Travel Quest Network is one of the leading host agencies in the United States. They serve thousands of travelers each year with award-winning technology, supplier partnerships, and marketing programs. They also provide education and expert support for travel agents. The Travel Quest Network is part of the Tzell Travel Group.

As an agency, you can choose to work as an affiliate with the Travel Quest Network. They have an Associate Agency Program designed specifically for small and independent agencies. The program offers various types of travel packages and allows all major credit, debit, and travel cards to be accepted. Small agencies are flocking to join this program.

Its new Associate Agency Program

The Travel Quest Network is a travel network that empowers travel professionals. Their industry-leading technology, educational programs, and marketing tools help their members succeed. The travel network offers a variety of training, including live classes, on-demand courses, and industry-specific specialization training.

The program offers a wealth of resources to its members, including live chats with other travel agents, access to travel suppliers, a pre-built, customizable website, a booking engine for air and cruise tickets, and a client management platform. Additionally, members have access to a community of more than 500 industry experts.

Its GDS support

Using the Global Distribution System, or GDS, to market your hotel is a great way to grow your business. This online network allows travel agencies and agents to find great rates for travelers. Connecting with a GDS increases your business and helps you achieve higher average daily rates. 80% of GDS users book for corporate travelers. Connecting to a GDS will increase your business and ADRs since it passes live rates and availability directly from your PMS.

Travel Quest Network is now implementing a new GDS solution that will allow agents to access and manage data from multiple sources in real-time. This means you can access more booking data than ever before. Additionally, your agents will be able to manage their clients’ accounts on one platform.

Its supplier partnerships

Travel Quest Network is one of the fastest-growing host agencies in the United States, serving thousands of travelers every year. The network is a cooperative of independent travel professionals offering award-winning technology, supplier partnerships, and educational programs. The network is a subsidiary of the world via Travel Group, a division of Tzell Travel Group.

Its educational programs

Travel Quest Network’s educational programs are designed to provide travel professionals with the skills and knowledge to succeed in their careers. Travel Quest offers a wide range of training, including in-person training, live webinars, and on-demand training. Travel agents may choose to take one or more training courses or choose to specialize in a specific area.

The Travel Quest Network offers one of the most generous commission plans in the industry, dozens of exclusive supplier promotions, and expert support. These benefits make the Travel Quest Network the leading network for travel agents.

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