The Best Software Development Companies in Kansas City


Kansas City is one of America’s fastest-growing tech hubs and its startup density ranks third highest among large metropolitan areas.

Kansas City software development firms strive to offer solutions that boost business productivity and ensure they remain competitive. Their services range from cloud services to data security, and custom software development.

Blue Symphony LLC

Blue Symphony was founded by Sherry Lumpkins, who now serves as its principal consultant. A master in building custom software and web applications that are both secure and scalable, Sherry is known for her big-picture thinking as well as her expertise in using technology and communications tools to increase business operations and realize your vision. Her impressive technical credentials include multiple certifications in computer programming, business analysis, and data modeling.

Secured Logics

Kansas City software development firms that excel at crafting intuitive solutions that enhance client operations are invaluable assets in helping your company expand and thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Secured Logics was established in 2021 as an IT-managed services company offering IT strategy consulting, web design, UX/UI design, and more. They currently employ a small team and have their headquarters located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Tortuga Logic helps Aerospace & Defense companies save both time and money while increasing the security of their final systems by using SDLs in the hardware domain. They offer automated security verification platforms that automate the time-consuming task of finding vulnerabilities in modern semiconductor designs.

High Touch Technologies

High Touch Technologies was established in Kansas City in 1984 and offers IT, software, and web-related solutions. Furthermore, High Touch is also renowned for its business communications services and web development expertise.

Technology Company delivers some of the top technologies, software, and hardware on the market today. Their top offerings include managed IT services, data archiving, network security services, and mobile apps – and their offices can be found in Dallas, Denver Kansas City Corpus Christi – check their website for more details!

Measure Media

Media measurement has become an intricate topic, and with new data sources becoming accessible every day, assessing how a campaign performed has become even harder than before.

One such issue involves measuring ad impressions – which refer to how many people viewed a media message – using Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE). In traditional practice, this meant comparing media ads of equal size in similar publications against each other to determine an equivalent rating value for them both.

However, this approach often produced inaccurate results and was incapable of measuring how a marketing message affected sales. To address these problems, two solutions have emerged to overcome them:


Tricension was established in 2008 to assist businesses with realizing maximum value from their technology initiatives. Led by technology architects, developers, and big data and cloud specialists; Tricension takes a systematic approach that prioritizes long-term goals.

They offer an array of services, from IT consulting and advisory to cloud enablement and more. Their solutions are scalable, improve business productivity and give organizations an edge against their competition.

Shortcode Technologies

Shortcode Technologies of Lenexa, Kansas was established in 2018 as a mobile app development firm with an experienced team specializing in in-app, website, and SEO development services.

They specialize in digital marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising, serving a range of healthcare clients.

TANK New Media, located in Overland Park, Kansas is a content marketing firm comprised of a small team who offers content creation, CRM consulting and SI services, web design, conversion optimization services, and much more.


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