Senior Tours Reviews


When choosing a senior tour, you’ll want to make sure that you are selecting the right company for your needs. Many travel companies offer different tour pricing options, including airfare. Be sure to look at the airfare options equally to ensure that you’re getting the best price possible. Choosing the right airline can make a big difference in your overall experience, so be sure to consider this when selecting a senior tour company.

Trafalgar Tours

Trafalgar is a well-known company that offers a variety of trips for people of all ages. Their trips focus on local culture and historical sights while offering a comfortable and relaxing environment. These tours also offer plenty of free time for optional excursions. If you are new to group tours, you can consider signing up for a Trafalgar trip and taking advantage of their small group tours, which will make it easier for you to meet locals.

Seniors who wish to travel can benefit from group tours that are designed to give them a chance to meet people like them. They are also a great way to meet new friends and fellow travelers. With more than 50,000 5-star reviews, Trafalgar has earned a reputation for catering to the over-55 crowd. The company also takes safety into account and implemented a three-step COVID-19 travel protocol. This is designed to help prevent ill health and injury while traveling. The company also implements hygiene protocols and has well-thought-out incident response plans.

Senior Discovery Tours

Senior Discovery Tours is a Canadian tour operator that offers fully escorted tours that let you see the sights in a local style. The company’s tours cater to travelers over 55 years of age and are nearly exclusively Canadian. The tours are well-paced and designed for older travelers, so you won’t have to worry about rushing. You’ll also have the benefit of a tour manager who will take care of all of the details.

There are tours to the Middle East, Antarctica, and other exotic locations. Many of their tours include two days in each location. They are also known for providing a “stay-put holiday” so you can get more out of each destination. Staying in one place also means that you only have to unpack once, allowing you to explore in depth.


OAT Senior Tours are an excellent option for those who are in good health and are looking for an active vacation. OAT offers a range of tours that range from easy to strenuous, depending on the destination. In general, travelers should be in good health and be able to walk for three to six miles unassisted. OAT strongly recommends purchasing travel protection to cover emergency medical expenses. OAT offers tours to North America, Central America, South America, Asia, and the South Pacific. The tours can be classified as Easy, Moderately Easy, or Moderately Strenuous.

OAT tours emphasize meaningful cultural interaction with local communities and local people. Tour participants will have the opportunity to visit small villages and schools, share traditional meals, and learn traditional crafts.

Grand European Travel

For more than 40 years, Grand European Travel has organized tours for older travelers. The company has a proven track record and is an AARP-preferred travel provider. Their services range from budget to luxury getaways. They offer cruises, land trips, and nature appreciation tours. Their tours are a great choice for senior citizens and multigenerational families.

Traveling to Europe can be a rewarding experience and many destinations offer senior discounts. Grand European Travel offers guided tours in many countries. There are also optional experiences that add to the overall travel experience.

Odyssey Traveller

For those who are looking for an inexpensive, comfortable and safe senior tour, Odysseys Unlimited is a good choice. The company offers a variety of tour options, including escorted tours. The tours are led by experienced tour directors who are very knowledgeable about their destinations. They also provide interesting cultural and local contexts beyond the usual tourist sites.

Senior travelers may want to consider the company’s multi-sport and cycling vacations. Most trips are two weeks or longer, and many offer pre and post-trip extensions. For these tours, the itinerary is flexible, so that even the oldest members of the group can enjoy a variety of activities.

Walking the World

Walking the World with Senior Tours is a great way for senior citizens to experience the world actively and healthily. Their tours combine walking, cycling, hiking, and multi-sport activities. They understand that people of all fitness levels and ages enjoy exploring the outdoors. They offer many different types of tours to suit the needs of every senior.

Tours for seniors focus on authentic cultural experiences and smaller group sizes. Travelers will meet like-minded travelers who are traveling with the same interests as them. They’ll also have the added benefit of a local guide who is a local expert.

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