Ronin Forex Academy Review


Investing your money into forex is an excellent idea, but staying profitable cannot be accessible without the proper coaching. However, there are many mentors available to help you.

Ronin Forex Academy is a trading group run by Clay Hodges. He provides courses that teach traders the nitty-gritty of the forex market and how to obtain resources to get funded by outside capital.

Clay Hodges

Clay Hodges, the founder of ronin forex academy review, is a professional trader who specializes in helping new traders learn the forex market and acquire funding from outside sources. He mentors his students to turn them into confident and independent traders who can master the art of trading efficiently.

He offers a mentorship program with in-depth written guides and tutorials, weekly outlook videos, trade recaps, and new technique explanations. The program also covers developing a successful trading plan and overcoming psychological and mental blocks.

Ronin Forex Group was created in 2017 by Clay Hodges, a forex trader who helps people gain the necessary skills to succeed in the financial markets. He has built a community of members worldwide, learning and trading forex alongside him and his mentorship programs.

As a result, Ronin Forex Academy is one of the more popular Forex educational programs out there. It gives traders the skills to become self-sufficient, consistently profitable, and confident. The program also helps them to overcome their psychological and mental blocks to create a safe and healthy trading environment.

Trader Education and Community Programs

Ronin Forex is an Academy with several Trader Education and Community Programs. They are designed to help new traders learn how to trade Forex effectively and quickly.

They offer a variety of forex strategies and trading psychology lessons that help aspiring traders understand the nuances of this market ecosystem. They also offer daily trading setups that speed up the learning curve and give traders the confidence to trade independently.

Traders who join the program receive emails from their mentors, including essential PDFs explaining how to get started. This enables traders to avoid the mistakes commonly made by beginners and become confident, efficient, and independent.

Founded by Clay Hodges, Ronin Forex has a large and growing community of mentees learning how to trade independently. They use price action and institutional methods to navigate the markets and are often funded by outside capital.

Customer Service

Founded in 2017 by Clay Hodges, Ronin Forex Group is an online educational trading program that offers a range of high-quality content for its members. In addition to a comprehensive Forex training program, the company also offers trade setups and a daily community forum.

One of the most impressive features of ronin forex academy is its commitment to customer service. They offer a dedicated support team and a robust FAQ section. Moreover, they are always available to answer questions and advise on the best trading strategies. Their team is dedicated to helping new and experienced traders alike. Additionally, they have a thriving and well-reviewed trading community on their YouTube channel. Among the most popular videos are live market analyses and market updates. In particular, the r o m a l o v e g u s m m o u s I m m o m is a well-produced video that provides an overview of the market and its various movements.


Founded by Clay Hodges in 2017, Ronin Forex is an educational trading program designed to teach advanced strategies and help new traders get funded. Using mindfulness and spirituality, Clay helps his students to find financial freedom through trading and to develop a healthy mindset.

He also uses a highly personal teaching approach, training his mentees to become self-assured and independent traders. This approach is backed by accurate student results from around the world.

In 2017 he started a telegram channel for trade setup analysis and signal services. In 2018, he created a complete Forex training course to show his members the strategies and techniques he used to stay consistently profitable in the markets. Today he has students from all over the world learning and trading Forex alongside him.

He also has a very active YouTube channel that offers free educational material for all traders. His videos focus on market live analysis, trading advice, market updates, and trading motivation. He has over 5000 subscribers and has already uploaded over 300 videos on his YouTube channel.

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