MyCFAVisit – Chick-fil-A Customer Satisfaction Survey

January 16, 2020 2 Comments

Official Chick-fil-A Customer Survey

MyCFAVisit is the official program created by Chick-fil-A customer service to gather all feedback from their loyal customers. You can find the official survey site by visiting

What is MyCFAVisit?

You know that MyCFAVisit is one of various programs created by Chick-fil-A for customers. For information, all Chick-fil-A customers can take the Chick-fil-A survey as long as they are eligible. Not to mention, you can get a valid Chick-fil-A receipt of your last visit. If you see, the Chick-fil-A receipt has Chick-fil-A survey entry details required. Not to mention, they are such as Serial Number.

If you want to take part in the survey program, you can visit Indeed, you can complete the survey within minutes. If you finished it, you will get Free Sandwich as the rewards. Isn’t it awesome?

MyCFAVisit survey entry method online
survey link address
MyCFAVisit prize Free Sandwich
survey entry data required Serial Number
entry limit once per survey period
age restriction 18 years old and above
survey held by Chick-fil-A
required purchase no
receipt required yes
participants requirement United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Disctricts of Columbia, and United Kingdom
sweepstakes winner announcement

What You Need to Prepare to Enter the Survey:

  • Electronic device like a computer, tablet, smartphone (ios, android), or laptop
  • Internet access that can be Wi-Fi or individual mobile data
  • Understand English or Spanish languages (choose one)
  • Have a recent Chick-fil-A receipt that has a MyCFAVisit invitation code
  • Be 18 years of age or older at the moment you participate
  • Free 5-15 minutes time to complete the Chick-fil-A survey
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MyCFAVisit - Chick-fil-A Customer Satisfaction Survey
MyCFAVisit – Chick-fil-A Customer Satisfaction Survey

Step by Step for MyCFAVisit Entry Instructions

  1. Visit that is the official Chick-fil-A customer satisfaction survey
  2. Read about the official Chick-fil-A survey rules, policies, terms and conditions
  3. Enter Serial Number
  4. Click on the button of ‘Take Survey’ or ‘Enter’
  5. Answer all Chick-fil-A experience questions relating to your overall satisfaction. Yes, they are scale questions that provide you with a scale of one to five
  6. Answer questions about the Chick-fil-A service, products, cleanliness, staff friendliness, and other else
  7. Mention if you have problems during your visit at Chick-fil-A store
  8. Answer whether or not you would recommend this Chick-fil-A store and the service to your friends and family. You can choose from a scale system of one to 10.
  9. Enter your Chick-fil-A comments, suggestions, critics, or complaints. You should use the space to talk about any problems you had during your visit at Chick-fil-A location. You can also suggest Chick-fil-A near me, new service, products, and so on. Or, you can also share some Chick-fil-A complaints or Chick-fil-A feedback based on your visit experience.
  10. Submit the MyCFAVisit survey to finish the steps
  11. You will get a Chick-fil-A coupon code or validation code. You can grab a pen and write the code on the Chick-fil-A receipt. And then, on your next visit, you can show it to the cashier to receive rewards
  12. Enter the drawing or sweepstakes! Somehow, most survey programs offers a drawing or sweepstakes program for participants. It is to give rewards to the lucky MyCFAVisit survey takers. Here, you can join if you
  13. Write your full name, address (email and home), telephone number, age, gender, and other else
  14. Submit Chick-fil-A sweepstakes form and wait for the program period ends. You can check the Chick-fil-A sweepstakes/drawing winner by visiting
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Chick-fil-A Contact List

  • Chick-fil-A Telephone Number: 1-866-232-2040
  • Official Chick-fil-A Site:
  • Chick-fil-A Headquarters Office Address: 5200 Buffington Rd. Atlanta, GA 30349
  • MyCFAVisit Survey Official Rules:

So, fellas! All of you got all the important information about MyCFAVisit. Yes, you won’t waste your time as you need less than ten minutes to complete the Chick-fil-A customer satisfaction survey. You can get your Chick-fil-A receipt that has Serial Number. And, you can complete it and win the MyCFAVisit prizes if you are lucky. Enjoy claiming the Chick-fil-A survey rewards and prizes!

2 thoughts on “MyCFAVisit – Chick-fil-A Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. The employee was very sassy to me. I asked for the biscuit to be well done like I do at other stores( I knew I may have to wait). They told me no they would not do it. I explain sometimes the biscuit is too soft and undercooked. She said we do it they way we are told and that is it. Do you want the biscuit or anything else. This is not the 1st time that this store has done something like this to me. I wanted to try the bowl and asked if they could put it in a larger dish since the small one is hard for me to use in the car and I like to separate the different food types. I said I know it is the same size and they told me this is the way it comes and they could not change it. The biscuit was not all the way brown like it should be and the chicken had very little crust on it. Almost like the flame broiled kind. I was very disappointed by the way I was treated and the food.

    1. I am sorry to hear that. You may feel free to share your experience at MyCFAVisit and let them know how’s your feeling. They will improve their service soon. Have a nice day 🙂

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