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Whether you’re looking for an apartment to rent, or a house to buy, MNS has the best direct-to-owner listings in New York City. This real estate website provides an easy and convenient way for both renters and buyers to find the perfect property, without the stress of having to deal with the real estate market.

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User experience

During the last couple of years, MNS has conducted real estate reviews for five major real estate websites, including Redfin, Zillow, Trulia,, and Real The research was conducted using a standardized questionnaire, the SUPR-Q, which measures attitudes toward website quality. The results showed that respondents experienced a number of problems on real estate websites. The most common issues included problems with search, filtering, sorting, and design. The best user experience is one that is simple and intuitive. This helps to ensure conversion rates and positive customer reviews.

MNS is a specialized partner with a range of skill sets and experience, including specialized projects. They are also cost-effective and ensure that their results are effective and long-term. Besides real estate reviews, MNS also provides services in web design and development, mobile development, and SEO.


Despite some slowing of Minnesota real estate prices, there is still a demand for housing. Consequently, the market remains a seller’s market. However, this is not the case all the time. The housing market can become a buyer’s market when supply exceeds five months of inventory.

There are several factors that affect the pricing of Minnesota real estate. First, the housing inventory remains tight. This means that home prices can rise significantly. The second factor is that people don’t want to move too far from the city’s core. The third factor is that old Rust Belt cities are heavily built up, and new construction is limited by existing buildings.

The demand for housing is fueled by demographic momentum. Specifically, the population of Minnesota continues to grow. This is due to migration to the area for jobs. Students are also attracted to the area for college. This creates an opportunity for real estate investors.

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