JoyToKey – What Are JoyToKey’s Limitations?


The Joytokey is a popular and very useful software application, mainly for Windows computers, that allows you to emulate your favorite games on your PC. It supports both player and driving modes. However, this application is not without its limitations. Here are a few of them.

Keyboard emulator

JoyToKey is a free keyboard emulator that lets you use your computer to control games and software without using your gamepad. It can be used with both PC and Mac devices and is useful in games that do not have their own controls configuration menu.

The application is a light and simple solution for controlling applications with a gamepad. Users can create a series of configuration files and switch between them. You can also use JoyToKey to map the input from your mouse to a game controller.

The free software is ideal for gamers. Some games, like World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, offer limited functionality for players that want to use a keyboard instead of a gamepad. Another benefit is that it allows users to use their keyboard to interact with many applications.

JoyToKey supports up to 16 virtual joysticks. This means you can assign multiple buttons to one input, allowing you to play multi-player games with ease. However, you should remember that you should keep an eye on input lag, especially when playing fast-paced games.

Supports both player AND driving modes

JoyToKey is a Windows desktop app that emulates the mouse and keyboard input of a game controller. It allows you to control your software and web games with a mouse or keyboard. Besides being able to detect and map a number of different controllers, the program also features an auto setting wizard. You can use it to assign the best binds for the task at hand.

JoyToKey can be downloaded and installed through the official download page. Once you have installed it, you can open the program and choose a profile for your game controller. Alternatively, you can manually enter a list of your joysticks. This is particularly handy if you have several of these devices in your system.

To make the most of this program, you should read the accompanying user guide. There are a number of options to choose from, such as assigning different profiles to different applications and different thresholds for the same.

For example, you can choose a different profile for the Windows Desktop or for Windows Explorer. The software can also be notified of changes in the status of the various controllers.


The JoyToKey software is an easy way to turn your PC or Mac into a virtual gaming controller. It supports virtually all major console controllers, as well as generic gamepads. Using a virtual controller will allow you to take full control of your game without having to resort to keyboard and mouse commands. Some games even offer support for this technology.

JoyToKey is free to download and use, but is not cheap. To remove ads from the interface, you will have to shell out a few dollars. If you are a gamer looking for a low-key solution, you may want to consider using a free third party emulator. Alternatively, you can buy a pre-configured emulation device, like the one from JoyToKey.

You may also want to consider using Xpadder to make your Xbox 360 gaming experience more enjoyable. This nifty little app can also be used to control music and video players and other Windows applications. For the Xbox 360, you can even create a custom layout that can be used for a variety of games.


In case you’ve tried the popular joytokey app and are disappointed with its features, there are plenty of alternatives to joytokey out there. These apps can give you a more streamlined experience, especially if you’re using your PC to play games. You can also use these softwares for business purposes, like controlling a web browser or Microsoft office applications.

There are free options. Among these is Joystick Mapper, a Mac OS X utility that translates your keyboard and gamepad input into mouse movements. However, this program requires that you install the correct drivers on your computer. If you’re looking for something more advanced, Xpadder is another great option.

Besides allowing you to map your keys to your game controller, Xpadder also lets you control any other application, including music and video players, on your computer. It can also help make your Xbox 360 more accessible. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a variety of keyboard layouts and custom game configurations.

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