Interactive Brokers Review


If you are looking for a trading platform with low spreads, you should consider Interactive Brokers. These brokers post their spreads live, allowing you to see what you are paying for before you make a trade. For example, if you’re trading the EUR/USD pair, you should be able to find a broker with a 0.1-0.3 spread most of the time. This will give you a one-pip advantage in each trade.

Trade with Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers offers forex traders the ability to trade with the broadest forex spreads in the industry, and the company offers various research services and tools. For example, traders can access free and paid market research, which includes articles by in-house authors and guest writers. Interactive Brokers also offers Bloomberg Television and daily market updates by its Chief Strategist.

Interactive Brokers is a well-established company with an excellent reputation. It offers various financial instruments, award-winning desktop platforms, a library of research tools, and an excellent education section. Forex trading with Interactive Brokers is also very affordable, with spreads as low as 0.1 pips (EUR/USD) and a low round turn commission of 4.4 USD. However, the company does require a large initial deposit and requires its clients to make at least four trades within five days.

Trading platforms

Interactive Brokers offers a variety of trading platforms for all levels of experience. You can choose between a web-based trading platform or a proprietary trading platform. The former offers extensive functions and tools for managing your account. The latter offers various account types and includes several advanced trading tools, such as algorithmic trading. You can also customize your charts and receive real-time news. You can also sign up for a premium subscription to access additional research and news.

If you want to trade in the forex market, you can use a desktop or mobile platform from Interactive Brokers. A desktop trading platform is an award-winning tool. In addition, it has a wealth of educational materials and an excellent educational section. In addition to offering a wide range of trading platforms and features, Interactive Brokers also offers low commissions. However, you should be aware that these brokers charge fees for inactive accounts. Therefore, they may not be suitable for passive investors.


If you’re considering opening an account with Interactive Brokers, you should know their fees and commissions. Fees and commissions vary depending on how much you trade. They usually range from about $8 to $20 per side or $2 to $3 per side for less than $50,000 worth of currency. If you’re looking for low-cost trading, Interactive Brokers is a good choice.

In addition to low fees and spreads, they also offer several flexible investment options. Their spreads, for example, start at 0.1 pips on EUR/USD, and their round-turn Commission is only 4.4 USD. That makes this one of the lowest-cost accounts in the industry. However, you should be aware that your commissions depend on how much you trade and how often.


Interactive Brokers has a great range of educational resources and a growing forex section. Though they’re primarily known for share trading, they’re starting to build up their forex and CFD sections. You can learn much about forex trading with low spreads starting at just 0.1 pips (EUR/USD). Both in-house staff and third-party educators produce the company’s education resources.

Interactive Brokers is a company known for its advanced trading tools and a wide range of currencies. They offer trading in over 135 markets in 33 countries, including 23 currencies. If you’re starting, you’ll find it easy to get started, thanks to its multiple platforms and free trades through IBKR Lite. You can also learn about forex trading with educational resources like the Trading Academy.


The SEC’s investigation revealed that Interactive Brokers failed to charge its customers for exchange fees properly. It also failed to update the exchange fees when changes were made. The company failed to address these problems for nearly six years, even after the SEC’s staff inquired about possible overcharging. The Commission’s staff found that Interactive Brokers should have supervised its customer billing personnel and ensured that customers were correctly charged. It should also have provided adequate training and resources for its employees to update exchange fees properly.

The SEC’s investigation found that Interactive Brokers had overcharged its customers by as much as $710,828 over six years. It also found that the firm failed to notify affected customers of excessive overcharges. As a result, the company was ordered to refund these customers and notify them that they had been overcharged. In addition, it was ordered to pay more than $300,000 in monetary penalties.

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