How to Decorate Your Homebase Decking


White-wash decking

If you want your decking to have a relaxed beach feel, then a white-wash finish might be just what you need. However, it is worth bearing in mind that dogs and other outdoor detritus may be a real problem if your deck is white-washed. Alternatively, if you’re aiming for a beach party vibe, why not consider adding mood-setting deck lighting?

In addition to being low-maintenance, wooden decking can complement the exterior and interior design of your home. Moreover, it is easy to clean and less likely to be damaged by kitchen accidents. Additionally, you can choose the right colour and design that goes with your existing interior.

Composite decking

When it comes to composite decking, Homebase has a wide selection to choose from. Colours range from oak to cedar brown, and from on-trend greys to darker ebony shades. Whether you want a natural wood look or a modern look, Homebase has a range of products to suit your style and budget.

If you’re planning to use your decking as part of a garden, try the Bridge Board Composite Decking. This beautiful wood-like material has a slip-resistant surface, so it’s perfect for gardens. In addition, it’s scratch and stain resistant, so it won’t fade over time.

Natural woods

There are several types of wood that are great for a deck. Softwoods like pine and cedar are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Proper cleaning and staining can keep your deck looking great for at least 10 years. For more durable and longer-lasting decking, you can consider hardwoods. These woods are often slow-growing deciduous trees and are more resistant to damage and moisture. However, they are still subject to damage, especially from UV exposure and need to be treated regularly.

While wood decking is still the best choice for most people, manufactured “plastic” lumber is gaining popularity. Choosing the right material depends on your budget, preferred colour, available board sizes, and maintenance requirements. Generally, natural-wood decking comes in three types: cedar, redwood, and tropical hardwoods. You can find most of these materials at a local lumberyard or home improvement store. However, availability and quality may differ depending on where you live.


Houseplants, such as succulents, can be great for your health and landscape. They can add texture, color, and form to your garden and they’re easy to maintain. Just remember to plant them in light-weight succulent soil mix. They’ll need regular watering during the hotter months.

Adding a border

Adding a border to your homebase decking can give your outdoor living space a finished look. The borders can be used as an accent or contrast to your decking, and they also provide a visual perimeter so you know where the decking ends. The idea is to make your deck look more complete by creating a cohesive, picture-frame look.

Long-lasting colour

If you’re looking for a way to give your deck a long-lasting colour and protect it from the elements, Homebase’s decking stain is the perfect choice. With a matte finish, this stain provides a protective coating that lasts for years. You can apply two coats of stain to bare timber or one coat to redecorated timber. Each 2.5L bottle covers up to 30 sq m of decking. The stain can be applied with a brush or roller and has a long-lasting colour and water-repellent coating.

Easy to maintain

If you want to create a deck around your home that looks great, you’ll need to know how to maintain it properly. Homebase has a large selection of decking materials and tools. These products are low-maintenance and easy to clean, and they’re FSC certified. These materials are also UV stable and won’t fade like natural wood.

Cleaning your deck is the first step in keeping it looking great. Food and other debris can lead to bugs and cause rot, which can lead to structural damage. Sweeping away wet leaves is important as this will prevent water from seeping into the grain and causing problems.

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