How to Create a Bohemian Home Decor Theme


While the bohemian home decor style is known for mixing and matching different patterns and styles, it’s essential to maintain a theme, allowing the room to feel cohesive. For example, choose dark, rich colors for walls and floors and lower-backed furniture. To add extra comfort, scatter plush throw pillows and poufs throughout the room.


Colors are an essential part of bohemian home decor. They should be muted and earthy to create a soothing oasis in a room. In contrast, bright colors and patterns can make the space appear chaotic. Therefore, it is best to stick to a muted color palette for longevity and a more cohesive look. Botanicals are also a good choice for this style, and they add a great pop of color without costing an arm and a leg.

The primary colors in bohemian home decor are light and airy, often paired with warm browns. Green can be incorporated into your home decor through plants, nature-inspired art, and a tropical green room. It adds an air of coolness and works well with vintage furniture, easy chairs with floral upholstery, and rugs with warm accents. Orange is another color that can be used in the home decor style, and it works very well in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.


Patterns are a vital component of bohemian home decor, and mixing prints is one way to incorporate them. The patterns can be added to walls, furniture, and accessories. Wall-mounted bowls and baskets can also be a great way to incorporate them. Decorative textiles in bohemian style tend to be a little worn, but this lends them a certain coziness. Burlap, fringe, and macrame are excellent choices for adding coziness to a room.

Bohemian interior design emphasizes juxtaposition between old and new. You can mix vintage and modern pieces, such as a beaded table lamp. You can also pair a modern piece of furniture with a retro piece, such as a vintage brass plate. Decorative elements in this style can be found at various flea markets.


Bohemian home decor ornamentation is a great way to personalize your space. It’s easy to find items to make your decor unique, and it can be inexpensive. You can even make your pieces using natural items such as feathers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and designs.

Use a colorful cloth to add character to your furnishings, whether a beautiful wall tapestry or a fringed sofa. Be sure to choose a large, eye-catching pattern to be noticed. Bohemian textiles are often worn, and you can use them to make a space cozier. Burlap, fringe, and macrame are also great fabrics for bohemian decorating. Mix them with high-end fabrics for a unique look that’s both fun and functional.

Choose warm, bright shades when selecting colors for your Bohemian home decor. Dark colors, like black and grey, won’t work well in this style. Instead, choose light colors and avoid bold colors like reds or purples. The 60-30-10 rule is an excellent guide for decorating with colors.


When designing your home in a bohemian style, you must mix different materials and patterns to create a unique look. For instance, you could use an intricate Persian rug on top of a jute rug. Another option is to layer a colorful hand-woven cotton rug. To complete the look, you could also use a plush shag rug. As for accessories, you can use baskets and poofs. These items are functional and add fun and personality to the home.

Boho home decor is all about layering. This is an effective way to create a relaxed atmosphere and mix patterns without overwhelming the space. Also, using several different layers of fabric will help hide damaged furniture.

Vintage feel

To achieve a vintage feel in bohemian home decor, start by filling all the physical spaces with colorful and eclectic objects. These can be anything from a vintage tray to an accent chair. You can also paint these objects in a fun and vibrant colors. Don’t worry if your objects don’t match; a bohemian look thrives on imperfections and contrasts.

Combining old and new is a great way to jumpstart your bohemian design. Choosing vintage or gently used second-hand pieces will give your home an authentic feel. Then, pair these pieces with modern pieces to create an eclectic atmosphere. Consider incorporating baskets, foot stools, and poofs for an extra-special touch. These items are not only beautiful but also functional.

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