How to Apply Eye Makeup Step by Step


Eye makeup is an art, and learning the proper steps to apply makeup can help you achieve the best look. By following a few basic steps, you’ll achieve an all-natural look. Then, you can experiment with different styles and types of eye makeup. Here are some examples of eye makeup styles and the proper techniques for applying them.

How to apply eyeshadow

If you want to learn how to apply eyeshadow properly, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. Firstly, you should blend your eyeshadow correctly. Blending is an important step, as it helps you to marry different colors together. To make blending more accessible, use a blending brush.

Blend your eyeshadow upwards using a fluffy blending brush. This step will create a soft, diffused shape. You can also add depth by layering darker brown shades. Then, use a shimmery rose gold shade to highlight your eyelid. Finally, blend the colors evenly and use a clean blending brush to finish the look.

Blending is a crucial step, as it allows darker colors to blend seamlessly with lighter shades. However, it can also be overdone. Beginners should focus on brighter shades near the lashline and center of the lid. You can also use a little water if you want to add intensity to your eyeshadow.

How to create a foxy eye look

The first step in applying foxy eye makeup is to line your lower lash line with a piece of tissue paper. This will help you draw a precise line and enhance your eye shape. After lining the lower lash line, apply a foxy liner to the rest of the eye area.

The next step is to apply eyeshadow, which should be the closest shade to your skin tone. Once the eyeshadow is applied, use a blending brush to blend it into the crease. If you want a more intense effect, you can use a darker shade of brown to accentuate the crease. Remember that foxy eyes makeup should not have harsh lines or outlines. The eyeshadow should be thin, elongated, and blend well to keep the shape of your eye.

The fox eye makeup look is based on the outer corner of the eye. First, the outer corner is outlined with light brown and brought into the crease. Then, a darker shade is built up and extended outwards like a wing. Finally, a lighter shade is used on the brow bone and in the middle of the lid to add dimension.

How to shape brows to flatter hooded eyes

If you want to make your hooded eyes look smaller, you may want to try enhancing your eyebrows. Aim for a shade darker than your hair color, making your eyes appear more natural. You can also get extensions if you have sparse brows.

It would help if you aimed to make the outer edge of your brow sit at a 45-degree angle from the outer corner of your eye. Letting it below this angle will make your eyes look down-turned, which is terrible. Stopping it before this angle can make your eyes look smaller, too. Remember that the size of your brow is a combination of color, width, and density. You can also make your brows look larger or smaller by controlling the width and color.

When shaping your brows, make sure you accent the arch. The best place to add a dramatic arch is just above the outer corner of your eyes. Don’t go overboard, though. The arch of your brows should balance out the rest of your features. You can even use white eyeliner as a highlight to highlight your upper lash line.

Choosing the right eyeshadow palette

When purchasing an eyeshadow palette, choosing a palette with shades that match your skin tone and desired look is essential. Beginners should choose matte or light shades that complement their skin tone, and more experienced users should consider eyeshadow palettes with a wider variety of colors and intricate designs. The palette’s size and quality should also be considered. Cheaper palettes tend to contain lower-quality shadows that can be difficult to work with. However, more expensive palettes have higher-quality shadows and will give you a more beautiful look.

Choosing a vegan or cruelty-free eyeshadow palette is a great way to avoid the potential for allergic reactions or other harmful substances. You will also want to choose one that is made with highly pigmented eyeshadows so that you can mix and match them to create unique looks. In addition, you will want to choose a waterproof palette so that your eyeshadows won’t wear off during the day.

Choosing the right brush

Choosing the correct brush is one of the most important parts of makeup application. There are many different types of brushes. Some are more expensive than others. Some brushes provide dense coverage, while others are fluffier and provide lighter coverage. Choose a brush that suits your personal preferences. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, you might need different brushes for different areas of your face.

A makeup brush should feel soft against your skin and hold your eye makeup evenly and smoothly. A good brush with denser bristles is better suited for applying liquid, cream, and oil products than a fluffy one with soft bristles. Eyeshadow brushes can also be divided into three categories: flat eyeshadow brushes, crease brushes, and pencil brushes. A crease brush is perfect for transition shades between eye shadow shades, while a fluffy pencil brush is best for applying the lid’s outer “V” corner. Finally, a large fluffy brush is helpful for overall blending.

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