Homesnap Concierge Reviews


In this Homesnap concierge review, we will cover the pros and cons of this service. We will also cover the cost of the Homesnap Pro+ subscription and whether or not agents should sign up. We will also talk about the Agent matching system and whether or not it works. Then, we will discuss whether or not Homesnap is a worthwhile investment.

HomeSNAP is a horrible company.

HomeSNAP is probably not the best choice for you if you’re looking to buy a house online. It lacks several essential features that other services offer. For example, it doesn’t offer mortgage tools. This means you won’t be able to view foreclosed or for-sale-by-owner properties.

The app is designed for consumers and caters to real estate agents. Its advanced features allow real estate agents to stay on top of their client’s home searches. It also pairs with the Richr service so that users can earn cashback on purchases. However, users should know that this service may not be worth the trouble.

The agent matching system is flawed.

The matching system of Homesnap’s agent database is a significant flaw, and leads have been provided to buyers who were not a good fit for either party. This is problematic for both realtors and would-be purchasers. In addition, while the company promotes paying membership services, it does not appear to offer real monetary benefits to agents or buyers.

The app has a few problems, including a lack of a desktop version, glitches, and slow property loading. It also does not have a dedicated website. In addition, Homesnap has not yet received any significant investment funding and is still building its database. MLS connections, though, have proven valuable for the company, which has signed up seven of the nation’s top 20 MLSs.

Cost of Homesnap Pro+ subscription

There are many features in the Homesnap Pro+ subscription that help agents get more clients and make more money. For example, you can easily add Google Business Profile information to your listing and automatically update it with photos. This will help you boost your search engine rankings. In addition, this is a powerful tool that helps you build trust with potential clients.

With the Pro+ subscription, you can monitor reviews and easily collect them with a single click. In addition, you can unlock unseen listing photos called Flashback Photos, which give potential buyers a contextual background on the home. Using the Pro+ subscription, you can communicate with other agents and generate more leads.

Homesnap Pro+ subscription is a premium product that costs $49 per month or $299 per year. It also allows you to get verified with Google, which can be time-consuming. You can also use the Pro+ subscription to update your reviews and profile, both essential tools to get clients and make more money. The company is also constantly rolling out new tools and features for its Agents.

Is it worth it for agents?

If you’re a real estate agent, you might wonder whether Homesnap concierge is worth the cost. This new service helps real estate agents market their listings. However, this service has limited features for individual sellers. While it does not offer pre-screened real estate agents, it does connect sellers with full-service agents who are highly rated. The monthly fee is $3,000 or 1% of the listing price, but it offers home buyer rebates in some areas.

Agents can use Homesnap’s concierge to vet leads through their campaigns. They can contact the leads via phone, text, or email and receive their essential details. Then, they can decide which leads to nurture and which ones to pass on to other agents. Because these leads are already pre-qualified, Homesnap concierge is an excellent choice for top agents looking to advertise their listings.

If agents don’t have the time to research properties themselves, Homesnap is a great tool. The app makes finding homes simple and offers a quick way to communicate with a real estate agent. It is also intuitive and offers many of the same features as other home search sites, including real-time listing data. In addition, agents can optimize their business profiles, connect with buyers, and quickly generate pricing estimates.

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