Greg Secker – Lifestyle Trader Review


Lifestyle traders can trade with their companies’ funds and earn up to 80% of the profit. This can significantly increase their earning potential. Greg Secker greatly respects George Soros and Curtis Faith, two individuals who have made their name as traders without experience. They both showed that even those with minimal trading experience could significantly return on their investment.

Learn to Trade

If you want to start trading, you’re in the right place. Learn to Trade has trained more than 400,000 people to become financially independent. Their lifestyle trader program uses SmartCharts to help you trade confidently and efficiently. They have helped people from all over the world become successful traders.

Greg Secker has branded himself as a world-renowned trading educator and financial guru. Despite his glitzy website, he does not reveal his secret trading strategy. Most of his millions are from other businesses, not forex trading. He peddles a “free trading event” on his website, claiming that students can be profitable in less than two hours. This is a marketing scheme meant to turn financially naive into leads.

Rob Wilson

If you have a little time and money to lose, trading the Forex markets can be a profitable venture. However, it’s not for the faint of heart, and this program’s sales pitch doesn’t live up to its hype. Despite claiming to have educated two million people globally, Greg Secker’s Lifestyle Trader program falls short of its lofty goals. The course claims to match trading strategies with the personality and trading style of each student. The program also promises to teach you about the market trends and challenges you’ll face as a trader.

The Rob Wilson, lifestyle trader review points out that the program’s creators can’t be trusted. One is Murray Priestley, a well-known Australian scam artist who ASIC has banned. He is the brains behind Alpha Asset Managers and Connects Private Wealth, two programs that promise investors high returns while leaving you with considerable debt. Unfortunately, these programs are based in Australia, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission is still investigating them.


One of the best ways to make money from trading is to understand market trends. The SmartCharts platform is designed with this in mind. It allows users to analyze prices and trends using a preprogrammed indicator system. You can use this software on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

The program is created by Greg Secker, a self-made millionaire, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Learn to Trade, a Forex trading education company that has grown into one of the world’s leading upfront Forex training providers. Before launching Learn to Trade, Greg worked in foreign exchange and started his business. He is also an international speaker and the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation.

Greg Secker

Due to its enticing sales pitch, Greg Secker’s forex training program, Lifestyle Trader, has gained much attention. The program promises to teach you how to trade Forex with an arsenal of strategies. It also claims to match the strategies to your personality and trading style. Moreover, you’ll learn how to analyze market trends and deal with challenges.

In addition to providing financial education, Greg Secker has a foundation dedicated to empowering children with the necessary tools to succeed in life. This Foundation has built schools and creches in remote areas of South Africa. It also helped rebuild homes after typhoons in the Philippines. This Foundation plans to build a community of one hundred homes in Lemery, Philippines. In addition, it will provide life skills training and education to children in these areas.

Trading in a real-time market

Greg Secker is a well-known and respected Forex trader. He is a frequent speaker on Bloomberg and CNBC and has appeared alongside prominent personalities such as Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and Sir Richard Branson. Greg Secker is also an active supporter of various charitable efforts. For example, through the Greg Secker Foundation, he promotes leadership, life skills, and education.

Whether Greg Secker is a genuine financial guru or a scam, his website offers a wealth of information for prospective investors. For example, his website touts his free trading event and implies that students can learn how to trade Forex in 2 hours. But in reality, it is a marketing website designed to convert prospective students into leads.

Greg Secker’s Foundation

The Greg Secker Foundation is an organization that helps people from all walks of life. The organization focuses on education, life skills, and youth leadership initiatives. These initiatives help children develop the tools they need to succeed in life. The Foundation has also helped build 100 village homes in the Philippines, a community impacted by a 2013 typhoon.

Greg Secker’s Foundation is a charity that ensures everyone has access to education and the tools to succeed. Through the Foundation, individuals can gain knowledge and skills in forex trading. In addition, students can earn college credit, gain financial literacy, and take online courses.

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