Grand P Biography


If you’re interested in the life and work of Grand P, you’ve come to the right place. Not only is he an artist, but he’s also a politician, social media influencer, and billionaire. Read on to learn more about the artist. Hopefully, you’ll come away feeling inspired.

Grand P is a musician.

Grand P is a Guinean musician who has a massive fan following. His net worth is estimated to reach $100 million by 2022. He is a successful artist who has collaborated with various artists from Guinea. He has also acted as a politician in the country. He is currently suffering from progeria and has been diagnosed with the disease.

Grand P suffers from progeria, a rare genetic disease that affects one in 20 people. This disease makes him appear and feel a bit old. However, his size does not stop him from making his music and being a celebrity on social media. He loves dancing and singing and is a part of Guinea’s music industry.

He is a politician

Guinea’s Grand P is one of the country’s most prominent personalities. He is a singer, actor, and politician with a rare genetic disorder, progeria, that causes him to age prematurely. The politician has declared his intention to run for president in the 2020 elections and has even started a political party, Amour Consideration et Unite, to promote his ideas.

Despite his disabilities, Grand P has been hardworking and persistent. He never gave up in life and was surrounded by top stars like Manchester United’s Paul Pogba and the late DJ Arafat. Grand P has released a four-track EP called “The Love,” and performed at the CAN concert in Cairo. He also recently announced that he would run for Guinea in 2020.

He is a social media influencer.

Grand P is a Guinean singer, actor, and politician who has become a major social media influencer. He is known for posting amazing photos that have received excellent comments from fans. He often posts photos while posing in front of buildings and smiling. One recent post showed him standing with one leg on a staircase and the other on the ground. Then, he turns around to look into the camera lens.

Grand P has been rumored to be engaged to plus-sized model Eudoxie Yao in recent years. The couple’s relationship has been on-and-off, but they have gained online attention recently. Earlier this year, the couple was engaged and attracted much attention. Though some rumors suggested that Eudoxie and Grand P were only dating for commercial purposes, the two claimed they were happy together. They are expected to exchange vows in early 2021.

He is a billionaire

Grand P is among the wealthiest Africans, but his story isn’t about money. He is also a politician and singer and has recently announced his bid for Guinea’s Presidency in 2020. His career began when he appeared on a show hosted by Kerfalla Kante in Conakry. Since then, he has received numerous appearance offers and invitations to perform at concerts. He also supported the Guinean delegation to Egypt’s Africa Cup of Nations.

Despite his wealth, Grand P hasn’t stopped flaunting it online. His net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. His social media presence has also helped him gain a great deal of fame outside of Guinea. His girlfriend, Eudoxie, had planned to marry him in January 2021, but allegations of infidelity crippled the couple’s plans.

He has no children

Grand P has no children but is currently engaged to plus-size model Eudoxie Yao. Although their relationship has been on and off, they are now engaged to exchange vows in early 2021. Both have refuted rumors that their engagement is merely for money and said they are happy together. Their relationship is still in its early stages but has already garnered much media attention.

Grand P’s progeria is a genetic disorder that causes the body to age prematurely. This genetic disorder affects one in every four births worldwide and is caused by a single accident in a gene. The resulting protein, called progerin, is abnormal and causes cells to break down faster. As a result, children with this disease have a lot of progerin built up in their cells.

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