Google Sheets Tutorial


If you’re new to Google Sheets, this tutorial will guide you through the basics. You’ll learn how to create a spreadsheet, edit data, and create and delete formulas. Then you can work on the same Sheet with other people. This is an excellent feature for collaborative projects, as people can simultaneously work on the same document.

Create a spreadsheet

There are a few basic steps to creating a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. The first step is to select the cells you want to work with. Cells can hold data such as text, numbers, dates, and currencies. You can also customize the display of the data by adding formatting attributes. For example, you can change your cells’ font, size, and background color. There are also functions and formulas to calculate the values of cells.

The next step is to select a template for the spreadsheet. Most users will choose “Blank,” but if you’re more familiar with the Microsoft Excel program, you can choose a template from the Template Gallery. Regardless of what you decide, remember to name the spreadsheet before entering or importing any data. In addition, remember that Google Sheets has a toolbar similar to Microsoft Excel. And just like Excel, everything is saved automatically, so you can save and edit it whenever you want to.

Edit data

Once you’ve entered data into a Google Sheet, you can use the data selection tools to make further changes. The data selection tool has many options. For example, you can choose a cell and click on the right mouse button to highlight the cell. This allows you to edit the data or delete it.

To edit data, you must select the cells you want to edit. You can select cells by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or by selecting a cell range. You can also use the copy/paste and cut/paste functions to duplicate and move content to another cell. These methods are similar to those used in word processors.

You can also format the text that appears in a cell. To format text, you can press B to make it bold or underline A to change the color. You can also use horizontal lines to align the text. In addition, you can adjust the date, time, and currency formats.

Create formulas

Google sheets allow users to create formulas in the spreadsheet by selecting cells and ranges of cells. For example, you can type the formula in cell A4, which will be displayed in cell B4. You can also use the point and click feature to select cell references and enter the data. The formula will automatically recalculate if the data changes in either cell.

Formulas are the math behind your spreadsheet. They tell the spreadsheet what to do with the data it contains. These can be simple calculations like adding two cells together or as complex as collating averages from thousands of cells. However, the core functions of any formula are usually the same.

Delete formulas

There are many ways to delete formulas in Google Sheets. A straightforward way is to use a filter. This filter will hide all the rows that have values other than zero. You can also use a formula to remove a single row. In either case, you must first add a filter to the header row.

You can right-click the cell or click on the column header to delete a row. This will remove the content. Alternatively, you can select the formula and click OK.

Format data

There are a few different ways to format data in Google Sheets. Choosing the correct Format for a given column can make the data more meaningful. For instance, choosing a different currency symbol can make your data easier to understand. Google also has a More Currencies feature, which lets you localize your spreadsheet.

To format a cell in Google Sheets, go to the cell’s property and choose the desired Format. This option is also available in the format painter. You can copy the Format of one cell to another cell with the click of a mouse. This feature is available in all Google cells.

Another way to format a cell is to use the date formatting tool. In Google Sheets, you can select the date you want to display. To do this, go to Format> Number > More formats. The date format you want is displayed in red, and you can also select the row and column you want to format.

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