Finding Public Jobs That Are Right For You


Whether you’re a federal, local, or state government employee, you’re working for a government. This means that you have a lot of responsibility. For example, you have to be able to handle a wide range of jobs and perform various tasks. There are also a lot of opportunities for you to learn new skills and grow in your career.


Almost two-thirds of State and local government employees work for their local jurisdiction. A variety of occupations, from trash truck drivers to public works directors, perform functions relating to their local community.

The largest occupations in local governments were police and sheriff’s patrol officers and firefighters. Some firefighters are lucky enough to get to eat and sleep at the same fire station as their fellow firefighters. Those who work for a public utility may have to put in a few days on the job in a row.


Getting a government job has its perks. These include nontraditional work schedules and the ability to get out of the office. There are also benefits like free lunch and a plethora of healthcare options. In addition, you will be surrounded by a diverse set of people.

There are many state public jobs to choose from. Some of the more common jobs include accountants, librarians, secretaries, and public relations workers. The best state jobs will allow you to use your skills to help make your community a better place. There are also some less glamorous state government jobs such as police officers and highway patrolmen.


Whether you are looking for an exciting new career, or just want to make a difference in the world, federal public jobs are a great opportunity. These positions are diverse and offer a wide variety of benefits.

Federal government employment is generally well-paid and offers standard pay increases based on years of service. The compensation includes health insurance, pensions, and retirement savings plans. Some federal jobs also allow for flexible work arrangements.

A typical GS job might include a statistician who works for the Census Bureau. Another example could be a lawyer who works for the Copyright Office.

Health care

Getting a job in public health care can be a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. These positions allow you to make a positive impact in communities and contribute to the science of health.

Some of the most common careers in the field involve the prevention and treatment of diseases. You can also find jobs that focus on wellness programs and education. Some of these roles are expected to see good job growth in the coming years.

These positions can be found in both the public and private sectors. For example, a public health specialist could work for a pharmaceutical company or insurance company.


Various positions are available in the world of corrections. These include Correctional Officers, bailiffs, and the more mundane support occupations. These jobs are also excellent opportunities for career advancement.

A bailiff’s salary was $48,320 in May 2021. A correctional officer’s starting salary was around $40,000 a year. The DOC Officer Recruit Training program consists of 8 weeks of academy training followed by two months of on-the-job training. The aforementioned eight-week program provides a basic understanding of the duties of a Corrections Officer.

The aforementioned Education Waiver Program allows employees to earn up to 24 months of college credits. There are other types of programs available to aid in employment advancement.

Highway maintenance

Typical highway maintenance jobs involve sweeping, shoveling, mowing, and mopping up the road in preparation for winter. Highway maintenance is a highly physical, demanding job that involves working long hours in all types of weather. Often, a highway maintenance worker will have to travel to and from a site in need of repair. This can be a grueling undertaking for anyone, let alone a professional.

Highway maintenance workers may find themselves working on a construction site as part of a contract or for an agency. They could be working on a highway, airport runway, or local road. A highway maintenance worker’s day may include laying asphalt, mowing grass, paving roads, or performing minor repairs to highways and pavements.

Job stability

During a recession, job stability becomes more important than ever. Whether you are working in the private or public sector, you must prepare to adapt to the situation. You need to keep your skills up, and you need to be prepared to move on when your job is no longer necessary.

While public jobs may not have the same earning potential as private-sector jobs, they offer some advantages. For instance, public-sector employees often enjoy better benefits, including competitive retirement plans. In addition, they can have more flexibility when it comes to gaining pay rises.

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