Eye Makeup Tutorial – How to Apply Eye Makeup


The first step of applying eye makeup is to pull the upper lid taut using your non-dominant hand. Next, the eye makeup artist will begin by drawing the line at the outer corner of the left eye, staying as close to the lash as possible. She will then go to the inner corner of the right eye and finish with the outer corner.

How to achieve a mermaid-inspired look

Mermaid eye makeup is a fun look that looks like fish scales but without being overly dramatic. Instead of applying bright neon green glitter all over your face, you’ll use shimmery, pastel-green glitter. Apply it to the eyelids and over the brows for a mermaid-inspired eye makeup look. A glitter primer is recommended for this look.

A YouTube makeup artist, Queenie Rozenblad, created a mermaid-inspired look for a recent Good Morning America segment. The makeup artist starts by lining the waterline with a concealer foundation and sets it with a powder to avoid smudging. Next, she uses a concealer brush to cover any dark circles or blemishes. She then blends the makeup with a synthetic brush to look natural.

Mermaid-inspired eye makeup can vary from light to dramatic, depending on the occasion. It is popular for Halloween costumes and themed events. It can be a fun DIY project and requires only a few makeup basics. If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, you can use eye shadows similar to those used by mermaids and shimmery eyelids. Then, apply good mascara and tinted lip balm to complete the look.

How to achieve a plum smokey eye

To get a plum smokey eye, make sure to use a primer. A good primer will help eyeshadows melt onto the eyelids and prevent fallout and lines from developing. Then, apply your plum eyeshadow to the lids, and pack it on until you achieve the exact color you want.

This smokey eye looks great on brown or blue eyes, but it can also look great on hazel or green eyes. First, choose a deeper shade of green if you have green eyes. Then, you can use either the same shade of lipstick or a lighter one. Once you have the right color, you can apply eyeliner.

You can use a Q-tip or a small brush if you don’t have a shadow brush. Then, blend the eyeshadow from the lash line to the crease. You can also use silver eyeliner to line the outer part of the eyelid.

Smokey eyes are dramatic and bold but are easy to achieve for anyone. To get the look, start by applying three shades of eyeshadow of a similar hue. Black, gray, and brown tones are popular choices. You should also apply a primer to your eyelids. You can purchase eyelid primer anywhere you buy beauty products. Alternatively, you can use a regular face primer. A dome-shaped eyeshadow brush works well for applying the color.

How to catch eyeshadow fallout

It’s no secret that eyeshadow fallout is a pain. It can ruin your perfect eye makeup and make applying your concealer or setting powder difficult. However, you can avoid this problem by following a few simple steps. First of all, make sure that your eyeshadow is dry before you apply it.

Hold your makeup brush above the shadow so the bristles are beneath the shadow. This way, your makeup brush will catch the fallout. It may feel awkward initially, but it will give you a much better result. Use this technique to apply heavy, dry, or lightly packed powder.

Another way to catch eyeshadow fallout is to place something underneath your eyes before blending eyeshadow shades. You can also use Q-tips or wet wipes to clean up the eyeshadow fallout once you’ve finished. Finally, to ensure no fallout, you can also use a setting spray or primer to prevent any future fallouts.

Using a tissue is also another way to catch eyeshadow fallout. It’s easy to do and a great way to create a winged shadow look. You can hold the tissue in one corner of your eye and sweep the shadow into the crease of your eye with a soft tissue. While doing this, allow the shadow to dry before closing your eyes.

A third way to catch eye shadow fallout is to use a jar of setting powder. You can find setting powder in most cosmetic jars, and you should tap the lid of the jar to ensure that the powder is evenly spread. You can repeat this process twice to increase the glitter’s intensity.

The key to avoiding fallout is to practice properly. The more you apply your makeup, the less likely you are to experience fallout. A few times a day will help you get used to the process. However, if you don’t want to do this, you can always use loose powder as a net.

Another way to avoid eyeshadow fallout is to apply your foundation and concealer before your eye makeup. You can also use micellar water, which is best paired with a cotton pad. These cotton pads are washable and reusable. You can also use translucent and skin-colored powder to soften and smooth eyeshadow.

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