Evernest Property Management Reviews


This Everest property management review looks at what this property management company offers. We also learn about some of the core values of the company. The company was founded in 2008 by Matthew Whitaker, who had 30 rental homes he wanted to sell. He wanted a company that shared his values. And so he turned to Everest to manage his properties. Despite the company’s high-profile client list, there are some things to keep in mind before hiring them.

Everest property management charges after moving

Everest is a nationwide property management company that manages more than 11,000 homes for 4,000+ owners across 25 markets. It offers a variety of services, including in-house maintenance and tenant screening. The company also offers no cancellation fees and waives lease termination fees for the first year. It also provides 24-hour hotline support for tenants.

Everest core values

Everest is a sales-focused company with core values. To get ahead in this competitive field, you must be persistent and adaptable. And it would help if you always were willing to win. But, in addition to being persistent, you should be able to communicate your value proposition without being manipulative. That’s what we strive to do in our sales teams.

Everest is a real estate investment broker and manager that operates in 25 markets around the United States. It manages more than 11,000 homes for its owners and brokers more than a thousand investment deals each year. It has been on this list five times in the past six years and has expanded its footprint through acquisition. In addition to commercial property management, the company operates a development group and a short-term rental division.

Everest charges after moving

Everest offers a range of services that help property owners maintain their properties. For example, its Platinum pricing plan covers eviction protection, and landlords can opt for this for a fee of $200 per year. It also offers routine inspections to ensure the property’s condition and identify problems before they become too expensive. Some property managers even include these inspections as part of their monthly management fee, making it easier for landlords to stay on top of things. However, fees can vary widely between property managers.

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