Entity Architecture and Service Angle – What is This?

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Few short-hand connected with the future air site visitors management systems have given rise to a great number of questions and misunderstandings while EA (Enterprise Architecture) along with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). In the United States both concepts are generally part and parcel involving air traffic management system growth since the marching orders got by the Federal Government. In The European Union, however, it was only in the SESAR development phase which EA and SOA had been first introduced into the TELLER MACHINES context and the reception visited first mixed.

Today there is certainly no doubt more about which EA and SOA would be the way to go but the fact continues to be: to many in the air traffic administration family, the exact meaning associated with both remains a challenge.

Let’s try to set out the actual pieces and see what image emerges.

EA and SOA of non-aviation fame

Initially, the concepts of business architecture and service direction had nothing to do along with air traffic management. These were defined and progressively processed to answer the needs of complicated information technology (IT) systems expecting to in particular to improving the company agility of those systems. APP and SOA aim to crack the stranglehold of information technologies on the business aspects of the actual enterprise, enabling business needs to push IT rather then the other method round.

That EA, as well as SOA, are usable additionally in the air traffic management circumstance is a tacit admission which ATM is not unique in the requirements and that under the pores and skin ATM systems, all should certainly the contrary, have a great deal in common with other critical methods, like those controlling the electrical power grids or enabling wirelessly controlled surgical operations. All of the systems need to crunch vast amounts of real-time data, have to provide common situational consciousness and are driven by judgements.

If EA and SOA can improve those methods, it stands to reason that they can likewise help in making air traffic operations systems better even if selected adaptations of the original tips may be required.

So what is usually Enterprise Architecture (EA)?


This is of EA given by typically the Institute of Enterprise Design Development (IFEAD) is the pursuing:


“Enterprise architecture is a finish expression of the enterprise; some sort of master plan which “acts as a collaboration force” among aspects of business planning for example goals, visions, strategies as well as governance principles; aspects of company operations such as business conditions, organization structures, processes as well as data; aspects of automation for example information systems and directories; and the enabling technological facilities of the business such as computer systems, operating systems and networks. inch

Fine you will say… so how exactly does this help air visitors management? Critics often say the architecture of the entity exists whether or not it is defined. True, but we have viewed what happens when lots of TELLER MACHINE enterprises grow without pursuing an overall strategic guidance and work together. That is called

American ATM before SESAR…

With this view, the definition of TOOL from the MIT Center for info Systems Research is particularly pertinent:

“Enterprise architecture is the organising logic for business processes plus it infrastructure reflecting the integration along with standardization requirements of the company’s operating model. ”

We live getting nearer…

And TOOL in air traffic supervision?

The SESAR program will be the European Air Traffic Supervision modernization program that brings together technological, economic and regulating aspects of ATM and that may use the Single European Heavens (SES) legislation to coordinate the plans and steps of the different partners and also federate resources for the development in addition to implementation of the required developments throughout Europe, in both air-borne and ground systems.

While SES does provide the what is basis for implementing the forthcoming ATM system, it is even now necessary to devise and acknowledge an overall framework in which the to this point fragmented elements of European TELLER MACHINE can be properly bundled in addition to aligned towards the SESAR ideal goals. These goals really mean in particular a net-centric, provider-oriented approach to air targeted visitors management.

To achieve the goals, Eu ATM has to be seen as a sole enterprise in which the constituent pieces work together in a networked, provider-based operation, with the enterprise processes driving the helping IT infrastructure.

Once we notice that air traffic management inside Europe needs to be seen as a individual enterprise (even if it is consists of several constituent entities), the particular aims and goals in the Enterprise Architecture concept abruptly become not only relevant but in addition a highly desirable solution.

An ECU ATM enterprise architecture?

To be able to instantiate the single enterprise principle, we can define the Western European ATM Enterprise Architecture (EAEA), building upon the more common idea of Enterprise Architecture (EA), however adapted both in opportunity and content to the atmosphere traffic management environment.

Just what exactly is the purpose of an EAEA?

EAEA can guide and also focus the strategic options, in particular those related to the oxygen traffic management operational notion implementation and supporting automobile investments. This enables the lovers to proactively plan the roll-out of services, avoid duplication connected with developments, reduce costs and considerably better align IT investments into the business processes on all of levels.

EAEA can also provide often the strategic guidance for the work to define and put into practice, on both business and IT amount, a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) duly adapted to the prerequisites of the European ATM setting.

But what is the ATM party?

A convenient definition of often the European ATM enterprise is definitely the “totality of the partners inside SESAR Performance Partnership”. Different definitions are possible, quite message being that every mate who needs to use TELLER MACHINE or has something to help contribute must be seen as some the single, overall enterprise.

While using the above definitions, we can obtain that the European ATM Party Architecture is the description with the structure and behavior with the partners’ processes, information programs, personnel and organizational sub-units, aligned with the enterprise’s effectiveness goals and strategic recommendations as defined in the SESAR program.

And SOA in that case?

As will be clear now, EAEA provides a business-driven construction that allows the description in the various parts of European CREDIT and their interactions from diverse points of view (including the two operational and technical aspects). EAEA provides a meaningful solution to partition and manage the particular complexity of the ATM surroundings, to reconcile different partners’ business visions across the Individual European ATM System and create a bridge between the organizations and IT requirements.

SOA is surely an approach that uses the idea of “services” which can be accustomed to populate the EAEA construction.

“Service” is a word that will mean different things depending upon the particular context in which it is being utilized. In general, the context is located upon a consumer/supplier partnership. Further, a hierarchy regarding services can exist together with, for example , a high-level services being made up of a number of reduced sub-categories of services. For that reason it is very important to ensure that the nature, opportunity and detailed characteristics connected with each service are very clear and unambiguous each time it truly is used, including defining who will be supplying what to whom.

Providers may be defined from a enterprise perspective or an THAT perspective.

Services from the enterprise perspective

A service from the enterprise perspective is really the card holder’s view of the provider’s features. The services must meet identified characteristics to ensure their performance and cost-effectiveness. And the like, they must be modular in addition to autonomous, delivered where desired, shareable and reusable in addition to above all, they must drive the main IT support and not the other way round.

Services can be defined with several levels of the enterprise playing with the air traffic management wording, the operational services are classified as the highest level of service. An email finder service can be associated to one if not more contracts, a service contract staying understood as being an agreement (generally expressed as a Service-Level Agreement) between two or more parties.

Boosting competition, globalization and technological know-how advances are driving airline carriers, airports and other users connected with ATM to change their products, small business processes and prices more frequently in comparison with they did in the past. The design of services offers the overall flexibility to adapt more quickly to be able to fast-changing conditions.

SESAR provides promoted the vision of developing a performance partnership construction which links the Airspace Users, Airport Operators and also ANSPs as the way in which the long run ATM System will be identified, created, implemented, delivered and also managed. The notion of the source and consumption of operational providers through a set of Service Stage Agreements will be how the particular partners will be bound collectively from a business perspective yet retain the flexibility afforded simply by service orientation to be able to successfully react to changing circumstances and also demands.

While the word “business” and air traffic supervision have not often been utilized together in the past, it needs to become recognized that the constantly growing business world of the airspace customers must be served by a good air traffic management system that can evolve with it and stay safe and cost-efficient simultaneously. This essential business speed can best be achieved through service orientation.

Services through the IT perspective

From an technology (IT) perspective, the use of solutions defines IT services which correspond to real-world business actions or recognizable business features and that can be accessed based on the service policies that have been set up for the business services human relationships. In addition to the IT services which are directly supporting the business solutions, technical services can be outlined that can be reused across the entity, providing generic technical characteristics (data transformation, logging, identity management, etc . ). There are many ways to describe such companies depending upon the way in which the communications between the IT systems are expected to facilitate and enable the organization view.

From the specific surroundings traffic management point of view, the very best priority is to define the organization services as these will travel the services to be developed from the IT context.

EA along with SOA in NextGen?

Sure, absolutely. The use of enterprise design methods and service angle has been mandated for all national projects and so NextGen is developed on this basis. This can be a major advantage compared to European countries where no doubt a lot of conversation will still need to go upon before agreement can be reached among all partners on the better details of enterprise architecture as well as service orientation.

Do we comprehend EA and SOA right now?

I guess this write-up is likely too simplistic for the specialists and possibly too fuzzy for the average person involved in air flow traffic management. Logical because EA and SOA is actually they need a shift within thinking and the acceptance of the few things we do not easily conclude otherwise.

I will attempt to summarise the most salient factors here; maybe that will help. When you still have a question, leave some sort of comment and we will come back about the issue you raise.

Conclusion points

o EA along with SOA are not air site visitors management construct but they are suitable to ATM systems likewise. ATM systems are not exclusive.
o While safety is paramount, air traffic operations serve a major worldwide organization community. Hence, ATMs must have the required business agility daily to adapt to the changing organizational environment.
o The CREDIT “enterprise” needs an overall powering framework to enable coordinated along with focused development.
o Organization requirements must drive it and not the other way around.
o Entity Architecture (EA) provides the essential guiding framework; Service Familiar Architecture within it provides typically the structure ensuring a business (as opposed to IT) driven technique.
o Both SESAR along with NextGen will use EA along with SOA.

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