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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, a real estate app for mobile makes it easier than ever to connect with buyers and sellers. With a dedicated support team and lead generation tools, you’ll be able to streamline your real estate business and take your sales to the next level.


Using a CRM to manage your contacts is a must for agents of all stripes. The old-school way involved endless paper files and a plethora of antiquated desktops, but the new school takes things to the cloud and beyond. The software does the grunt work for you, while you can rest easy knowing your data is safely secured and accessible at any time of the day or night. The company also provides a plethora of marketing tools to complement your efforts, including an in-house digital marketing agency and a consumer-facing IDX website.

The company also specializes in paid lead generation. Among its many clients is the world’s best Keller Williams team, the Bob Lucido team. The team uses a slew of big data and analytics tools to provide them with the best possible lead generation.

Lead generation tools

Whether you’re a small team looking to grow, or a large brokerage looking to expand your team, Boomtown offers lead-generation tools that will meet your needs. These tools can help you track and qualify leads, stay in touch with clients, and generate more opportunities.

BoomTown’s CRM offers a suite of lead-generation tools to help you nurture leads without tracking them manually. The platform integrates with social media platforms to help you find and respond to leads. It also integrates with tracking campaigns and website analytics. It also provides you with access to a comprehensive database of property information.

BoomTown’s mobile app allows you to access your CRM on the go. It features a simple interface that makes it easy to find information and respond to inquiries. It also includes a directory of integration partners.

Mobile app

Despite its relative simplicity, BoomTown offers a robust suite of features for real estate professionals. This includes a consumer-facing mobile app that’s likely to help agents serve their clients better. BoomTown also offers robust marketing and lead generation services. Its latest offerings include Marketing Central self-serve advertising, Real Contact, and Success Assurance.

In a nutshell, BoomTown aims to be the most efficient CRM in the real estate industry. It serves more than 100,000 industry professionals, including 40 percent of Real Trends’ top 250 teams. The company also boasts a mobile app for agents on the go. The app isn’t quite as robust as its desktop counterpart, but it does the basics well.

The BoomTown real estate mobile app is a great way to keep track of every communication you have with a lead. It also includes a special folder for leads that are waiting to hear from you. The mobile app also features banner notifications and lead organization tools.

Dedicated support team

Dedicated support teams are a must for your real estate business. A specialized team can help you to maximize your lead generation. They can also help you to optimize your online presence. They offer coaching, training, and planning to help your business grow.

Boomtown is a cloud-based marketing platform that provides a variety of tools to help you grow your real estate business. They include consumer and agent-facing applications, lead generation and qualification services, transaction management, and back-office solutions. These services are designed to make it easier to convert traffic into real estate opportunities.

BoomTown has over 300 experts dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. Their support team typically turns requests around in less than 24 hours. They also provide a variety of training materials and resources, including weekly live training classes. They can also help you with recruiting strategies.


Using a CRM to manage your real estate sales pipeline is not an inexpensive endeavor. For starters, it is not for everyone. Besides, the best real estate CRM isn’t going to be the best option for every single agent in your office. The right software can provide a unified database of clients and properties while providing seamless integrations and seamless customer support.

The CRM’s ad-hoc capabilities are also highly useful for real estate agents on the go. For example, BoomTown’s mobile app allows users to streamline lead response and management. Similarly, the app can highlight leads with the highest activity level, while also highlighting the most interesting ones. This means that you don’t have to sift through dozens of stale leads just to make your first sale.

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