Beautiful Views Near Durgapur


If you are looking for an offbeat location in West Bengal, you should check out Durgapur. This quaint little town welcomes visitors and is peaceful and welcoming. There are many places to see and things to do in the area. Check out the Garh Jungle, Ram Mandir, and Deul Park.

Garh Jungle

The Garh Jungle is just the place to do it if you’re in the mood for a nature walk. This enchanting location lies on the banks of the Damodar river, just a three-hour drive from the capital city of Kolkata. There are several activities you can enjoy while trekking through the jungle. A picnic at the banks of the Ajay river is also an excellent option.

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll want to visit the Garh Jungle, also known as Dharma Garh. It is the site of one of the earliest Durga Pujas in the world, performed by Raja Surath with the help of the Mahamuni Medhas. You can still participate in a spiritual puja in the Garh Jungle temple every evening.

The Garh Jungle can be reached by road or train from the nearby stations. Trains frequently run to Durgapur, so you can easily book seats by booking your tickets ahead of time. You can also take a taxi from Durgapur. However, be aware that the road is not in the best condition. If you stay in Durgapur, you’ll want to book a nearby hotel.

Troika Park

Troika Park is one of the most visited places in Durgapur. Amongst the many activities offered here are cable cars and boat rides. Visitors to the park can also enjoy a picnic at the lake. The park is surrounded by several historic churches and parks and is ideal for families to enjoy the day.

Durgapur is a planned city in West Bengal located on the banks of the Damodar river. This city is home to one of the largest steel plants in the country and is often known as the “Steel City of Bengal.” Despite its industrial past, this city offers beautiful parks and many historic buildings.

The city is well connected by road and train to major cities in India. In addition, there are bus operators in Durgapur who offer sightseeing tours. Several major tourist attractions charge an entrance fee, but many others are free to visit.

Ram Mandir

The Ram Mandir is one of India’s most sacred and vital places. Located in the Panchavati district of Nashik, Maharashtra, it houses a two-foot black statue of Lord Ram. It also contains idols of Goddess Sita and Lakshman. The temple was built by Sardar Rangaroo Odhekar, who dreamed of a black statue of Lord Ram floating in the River Godavari. The black statue was removed from the river and installed in the temple.

When visiting the Ram temple, don’t miss its beautiful views. It is located just opposite the Jhula Devi temple. A short flight of stairs takes you to the top of the temple, where you’ll be treated to a breathtaking view of the valley. The temple is also home to the spiritual leader Sant Sri Mouni Maharaj.

If you’re planning to visit the Ram temple, visit the area during the cooler months of November and March. The temple is set to open its doors to pilgrims in December 2023, and construction is progressing quickly. The first phase of the foundation has been completed, and floor construction will start soon. The temple has already received donations worth more than Rs100 crores.

Deal Park

Deal Park offers a peaceful and natural atmosphere. It is a beautiful area located along the river Ajoy. The park features many swimming pools, grassy areas, and lawns along the riverside. The park is also located near Durgapur Railway Station. This park is a popular tourist spot in Durgapur. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful views of the park’s sunset while soaking in the fresh air.

The park is an ideal place to spend a day or a weekend. It is one of the most popular picnic spots in the city. The park is well-maintained and boasts many flower varieties. It has a particular play area for children. A large bronze Ganesha idol is located at one entrance. There are also statues depicting traditional Indian dance. The park is an excellent picnic spot for families.

The city is well-connected by road and rail. Regular trains run to Durgapur from major cities in India. You can book tickets on these trains from your home city or the nearest big city. You can also reach Durgapur by car or taxi.

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