Banfield Pet Insurance Reviews


Banfield is a pet insurance company that offers a variety of plans and services. Several different plans are available, and each offers a variety of benefits. Banfield’s Optimum Wellness plan is one example of a plan that provides coverage for preventative care services. Banfield also offers fecal exams, deworming, and spaying as part of its early care plans.

Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plan

Banfield’s Optimum Wellness plan offers a variety of benefits for pet owners. It covers everything from routine health checkups to specialized treatments. Plus, it offers discounts on a variety of Banfield services. Some extras include protection from parasites and a 10% discount on purchases.

The Banfield wellness plan is an affordable way to provide routine care to your pets. It covers vaccines, deworming, and early screenings. The plan also includes discounts and free office visits for preventive care. However, it does not cover vet visits for an acute illnesses or injury treatment.

Although Banfield’s plan does have an annual commitment, it is not as expensive as many other plans. A free online widget lets you know how much your premium will be based on your pet’s age, location, and breed. It also does not require pre-existing conditions so it can be a good choice for some pet owners.

Early Care Plans

If you’re looking for a pet insurance company with an Early Care Plan, consider Banfield. While the company provides many great features, this plan doesn’t offer much customization. You can’t change the deductible amount, annual limits, or reimbursement percentages. The only customization you can do is add on additional benefits such as flea and heartworm prevention and a DNA test. Overall, Banfield has rated four stars out of 5 for customer service.

Banfield offers various early care plans that cover almost everything a new puppy or kitten could need. These plans are available for puppies and kittens under six months. These plans include the Banfield wellness policy for an entire year. However, if you want your puppy to get even more benefits, you can add the Early Care Plus optimum wellness plan.

Banfield’s Early Care Plan is a great way to spread out the costs of routine care and get your dog or cat screened for the disease. The plan covers preventive care during office visits, which saves pet parents a lot of money. It also covers diagnostics, vaccinations, and nutritional consultations. However, this plan does not pay for emergency vet visits for injuries and illnesses. It’s worth noting that there are other similar plans on the market, so it’s essential to do some research before making a decision.

Active Care Plan

While there are many types of pet insurance policies, Banfield’s Active Care Plan offers a unique blend of preventive care services. This plan can be purchased in monthly or yearly installments and covers everything from flea and tick control to discounted heartworm protection. However, you should be aware that this plan does not cover spaying and neutering procedures.

This plan covers your pet’s wellness visits and includes a dental cleaning. It also offers a urine test to detect diseases early and a 15% discount on all other Banfield products and services. It also offers an online account manager that allows you to manage your policy and access your pet’s medical history.

Although Banfield’s active care plan is a bit more expensive than competitors, it is still a reasonable monthly premium for your pet’s health care. Your monthly premium rate will be around $34 for a single dog, $25 for a single cat, and $15 for additional pets.

Build-your-own plan

If you are looking for an affordable pet insurance plan that doesn’t require you to make monthly premium payments, a build-your-own Banfield plan is the way to go. This plan offers benefits like discounts on other Banfield products and services. Plus, you can talk to a live veterinarian at any time. Unlike many other plans, Banfield doesn’t require you to file claims. Instead, you simply make an appointment to use the plan’s benefits. In addition, the plan offers online access to your pet’s medical history and services.

This plan provides essential vaccinations for puppies and kittens and covers dental cleanings and routine bloodwork. You can even add on add-ons like parasite control for additional savings. Your pet’s annual physical exams will be covered at no extra charge, and you’ll also save money on unnecessary surgeries, including spay/neuter surgeries.

Banfield offers many wellness plan options. The Optimum Wellness Plan is the best option for preventative care. This affordable plan includes unlimited visits to the Banfield clinic and two virtual visits a year. It also covers routine diagnostics, such as fecal exams and vaccinations.

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