A Smokey Eye Tutorial


If you want to try a smokey eye makeup look, you’re in the right place! We’ve rounded up a quick guide to the basic makeup techniques for this eye look, including choosing colors, applying eyeliner, and blending your shadow. So follow along to create the look of a million dollars!

Colors for a smokey eye makeup look

If you are looking for a classic, dark smokey eye makeup look, black and brown shades are your best bet. These shades can work for any occasion and are versatile. You can use all of the shades of eyeshadow in your makeup kit for this look, or you can choose to mix and match your favorite shades.

The first step in creating a smokey eye makeup look is choosing a base color. For a blue or hazel-eyed woman, burgundy or brown shades can highlight the eye area and create a striking contrast. If you have a more dramatic look, try a dark purple or matte gray color.

Once the foundation is set, you can apply a dark color over it. A fluffy brush should be used to apply the shadow. Next, you should draw a dark pencil line on the top and bottom lash lines. You can then apply the dark shadow across the pencil line. This will create a dramatic smokey eye.

Once you have finished applying the dark eye shadow, you should blend it into the crease. Generally, the crease color is a shade or two darker than the all-over color. Once you’ve applied the dark shade, use a blending brush to blend the shadow in a circular motion. This will help intensify the shadow’s color and make it blend more seamlessly with the all-over shade.

Smokey eye makeup looks can be created in many ways. You can use several different eyeshadows and the same technique to create a smokey look. One of the easiest ways to get this look is to create eyeliner. A black liner is also an excellent choice. A black liner will create a smokey look and help accentuate the color.

Applying eyeliner

Applying eyeliner for smokey eyes is a challenging art. The final look can range from sleek and precise to smoky and messy. If you want to achieve this look, you should use pencil eyeliner. In addition, you should use a dark eye shadow on the outer half of your lower lash line.

To achieve a smokey eye, you need a deep shade of black or gray as a base color. You can also use a deep brown shade if that works better for you. Apply this shade from your lash line, blending it upwards toward the crease. The pigment should be darkest at the lash line and fade away in the crease. Ultimately, you want the smokey eye to blend with the rest of your look.

Once your eyelids are primed, you can start applying your smokey eyeliner. If you apply your smokey eyeliner with a brush, use the pointed side to work the color into the outer corner of your eye. Start at the outer edge of your lash line, and then create a diagonal line toward your brow. Then, drag the brush inward to darken the crease. This will create a “V” shape in the corner of your eye.

Applying eyeliner for smokey eyes isn’t difficult, as long as you follow the proper steps. Using a cream or concealer under your eye shadow will help minimize creasing and ensure that your classic smokey eye makeup will last longer. To avoid the dreaded “winged eye,” choose a pencil or gel liner that blends well. It would be best if you also chose a lighter shade of nude eyeshadow than your skin tone to serve as a base for the rest of your makeup.

Blending eyeshadow

Blending eyeshadow for smokey eyes begins with applying a dark shade of eyeshadow to the outer crease of your eye. After applying this shade, blend it gently in small circular motions. Use a clean brush for this step to prevent bacteria from growing on the bristles.

To get the smokey effect, use a dark shade on the outer part of your eyelid and a lighter shade in the middle. Then, blend the two colors. You may want to use a hand-held mirror for this step. You can also use a flat brush.

Apply a darker color to the crease to create a gradient effect. Choose a smaller blending brush for this step to avoid harsh edges. The B11 brush is ideal for this task, as it is very soft and makes applying dark shades easier. It also ensures that the eyeshadow will not look too harsh.

You can use gel waterproof eyeliner to create a smokey effect to achieve a smokey eyes. Once you have lined your eyelids, blend in the eyeshadow with your finger or brush. This will add an extra level of drama to your eyes. Once your eyeliner is blended in, you can apply the darker shade of eyeshadow and blend it with a brush. Smoky eye makeup can be any shade you want.

The pressure you apply to your brush also affects the smoothness of your eyeshadow blend. Applying eyeshadow with heavy pressure will create a smudged look. Apply different pressure to your brush to achieve a more even blending effect.

Creating a smokey eye

A smokey eye is a classic look that requires only two or three shades of eyeshadow. You can add black to add drama or a taupe shade to create a transition. This tutorial will show you how to create a smokey eye that will be a hit on any night out.

The first step to creating a smokey eye is choosing a shade one or two shades darker than your all-over shade. Then, with a blending brush, blend the shade into the eye’s outer corner and toward the eyelid’s center. Ensure the shade is dark enough to blend with the rest of your eyelid color. This will create a smoky and smooth transition between your crease color and all-over shade.

Next, apply the transition eyeshadow, which can be a grey or bronzer, close to the lash line. After you’ve done this, apply a black gel liner and mascara to complete the look. A smokey eye tutorial should have a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the entire process.

The smokey eye tutorial should show you how to blend the eyeshadows and eyeliner. First, the eyelids should be prepped, and the black eyeliner should be applied to the outer corners and the lower lash line. To finish the look, apply a light coat of mascara and a little highlighter under the brow bone.

After applying the foundation, you should apply a darker shade to the outer corners of the eye in a V shape. You can blend the darker shade with the lighter one until you reach the center of the eye. If you’re a beginner, start with a light hand and build the intensity of the color as you go along.

Wearing a smokey eye during the day

Try wearing a smokey eye if you want to look your best during the day. While black is the most popular color for this look, several other shades of eye shadow also look great. For example, a deep purple looks great on brown eyes, while a deep green is beautiful on green eyes.

A classic smokey eye includes three shades: the mobile lid shade, crease color, and highlight shade. Traditionally, matte shades are used for this look, but you can also use light colors to create a soft smokey eye. The shade you use depends on your preference. If you want a light smokey eye, use a taupe shade or an eye primer.

First, apply a light base shade all over your lid. This shade should be a shade that matches your skin tone. Use a brush or a sponge-tip applicator to apply this color. Next, blend it out so that it blends into the crease. To finish the look, apply mascara and highlighter to your brow bone.

Another important tip is to use the darkest color at the lash line. Black shadows can add a dramatic effect, and taupe shadows are great for transition shades. To make your smokey eye look perfect for the day, use two or three shades of eyeshadow.

You can also apply false eyelashes for the smokey effect. These strips of eyelashes can help open your eyes and give them a glamorous look.

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