Get to know the ‘psychiatrist’, the profession of counseling services.

Get to know the ‘psychiatrist’, the profession of counseling services.

For Dr. Phuchong that Career psychiatrist It is a service profession that began with the medical field. It will have several functions as follows.

1. Counseling

For people who are not sick or have a disease But having a stressful state of uncomfortable problems. Can ask to see a psychiatrist for advice The psychiatrist will give advice on those problems by analyzing most of the talking and hearing.

2. Diagnosis of mental illness

It is divided into psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, etc., and neurology that focuses on the analysis of the distressed brain function. Or various stresses In order to continue treatment with modifications in the brain system.

3. Do the treatment

Whether it is talking therapy to improve thinking and behavior, prescribing medication along with treatment, electrocardiogram to the brain. Or that assessment Does the patient have to stay in the hospital?

And besides a psychiatrist. There are still many professions that can be treated and counseled to people with distress more directly or indirectly.

With treatment from psychiatrists through psychotherapy, where psychological tests are performed to better understand the emotions and feelings of the patient.

What kind of symptoms do I need to see a psychiatrist?

Can’t deny that Today, mental health problems are becoming so widespread that everyone has the opportunity to face. Due to the complex social, environmental, economic and lifestyle conditions. Inviting to feel more pressure than in the past Until it is the source of stress and various mental disorders. 

Which, if left, may escalate into an overwhelming negative feeling And causing the problem of suicide as a result, treatment from a specialist is one option that helps alleviate mental health problems

But from many surveys The health bureau also stated that Most Thai people still believe that a visit to a psychiatrist is for the mentally ill. Or the so-called ‘crazy’ symptoms, making many people who meet with mental illness are afraid to walk into service directly. Because they are afraid of others that they have a mental disorder.

In fact Anyone can be met for advice. And ask to see a psychiatrist for treatment without even needing to have any illness

For example, a group of people who do not have a medical condition. But would like to seek advice from a psychiatrist, such as a group of people who feel some stress, anxiety or uneasiness And still unable to find an answer to the suffering for myself May try to see a psychiatrist To find the cause of the discomfort that arises and find ways to change them back to normal.

Or in a group of people who start behaving strangely With perceptions that do not match the truth until the effectiveness of oneself is unreasonable, such as

• Has a very intense emotional change, such as in the past, being an understatement But now it has become unstoppable, from being cold-tempered to over-tempered, etc.

• Having symptoms of attachment to the past, such as being unable to forget bad past events See the same image over and over. Until affecting daily life, etc.

• Repeated disorders with the body, such as repeated insomnia, frequent headaches, or being ill without a continuous cause, etc.

• Inability to deal with relationships with people around them Whether with family, friends, lovers or people you know.

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