How to handle your child at school In the situation of COVID 19

How to handle your child at school In the situation of COVID 19

It is well known that COVID 19 has spread all over the world, and our country is also one of the countries that are greatly affected. It began to be infected since January 13, 2020, and it has continued to increase as a result of the outbreak in Lumpini Boxing Stadium, which has infected various groups of people. 

After a large number of people infected, the Thai government has locked down and announced. Emergency decree Domestic immediately Of course, the lock-down caused many venues to shut down.

Especially those crowded with crowds such as theaters, entertainment venues, tourist attractions, markets and, most importantly, the closure of universities and schools. Yes It’s been almost 6 months since many people had to adapt to learn. How to prevent COVID 19 Learn how to adapt to a new lifestyle.To keep them going during this epidemic situation.

Until today, the situation of COVID 19 in Thailand is much better. 

There are almost no people infected. Most of those infected were treated and quarantined in the hospital. In order to heal and then live as usual Of course, as the COVID-19 situation improves. .The government has eased the lockdown, opening up areas for us to return to our traditional lives, but we still have to follow the principles of social distancing (social distancing). ) Is the same or that many people call it a New Normal life adjustment for the safety of yourself and others. 

With the announcement of the government’s release of the lockdown. Educational institutions can schedule tuition and semester opening in the new semester / 2020. In early July After need Study online from home It stays a very long time.

social distancing

Learning is important. But many parents are still worried. Because that school has a lot of children going to study Not sure if the school and the students are acting properly or not? Or does the caller have the right way to prevent COVID ? But parents don’t have to worry because the way Schools have strong measures to prevent COVID-19 . Today the epidemic is not a new issue for Thai people anymore. 

Everything has to start with ourselves. If we defend ourselves very well, then we have done it for the public. Today we have some advice for parents about “Practice for parents In the situation of COVID 19.  

let’s tell you what a parent like us must do when their children start school. We must explain to the children understand how to use it.Teaching materials such as e-books (Ebook) , activities, or songs as an aid in explaining is considered a good idea as well. Let’s go see 

Code of Practice for Parents In the situation of COVID 19

1.Explain to your children about COVID-19

This first item is suitable for parents who still have young children because young children may not be fully developed. High levels of fear and anxiety Children of this age may have questions for their parents about this disease. Especially when normal routine changes, children may show signs of anxiety about themselves. You can tell your family and friends about the details of this disease. If your child doesn’t accept it, tell it in a story instead

2. If your child has a fever, you should not go to school.

If your child has a fever or has COVID-19 symptoms , use of a thermometer and fever measuring device Became a necessity that every house must have If we notice that your child starts to have a fever, is hot, has a cough, do not let your child go to school. If your child’s symptoms do not get better, they should see a doctor immediately and treat the fever before going to school. May be checking your child’s temperature in the morning before going to school on a regular basis. For stronger protection If you have just returned from a COVID-prone area, your child will have to stop school for 14 days in order to quarantine and watch for symptoms, and be sure to get up and follow the doctor’s instructions.

3. Teach children about hygiene

Hygiene is a very necessary issue, although there is no epidemic, this has always been an important issue. If a child is old enough to learn by himself. Parents should instruct the child Wash your hands regularly They may use an alcohol-based hand wash gel. Liquid hand soap Always wash before touching the face, nose, or mouth. In young children, parents should practice talking about the advantages of washing hands. They might find or come up with a single story with a germ so that your child can know how dangerous the little germ is.

4. Don’t forget to prepare things for your child.

Safety is very important in these days. Ideally, parents should provide their children with utensils , glasses or personal water bottles . So as not to mingle with others If any parent is worried about food. May prepare lunch boxes for the children, but if there is not enough time to instruct the children about eating. To wash your hands before eating Use a medium spoon if you have to share meals with others. Only drink water from your personal glasses. Do not share drinking with other people, even if different straws are used, this is not possible.

5. Alcohol gel and hand soap.

Don’t forget to buy alcohol, hand soap or liquid soap to wash your child every time. It should be put in a school bag regularly so that your child can wash his hands after doing various activities.

High school students, we may instruct him every time before leaving the house to use hand sanitizer every time. In young children, we need to show them how they can be washed. You may choose a scented alcohol gel to attract more children to wash their hands. If any parent wants to save money in this part, they can Make your own hand sanitizer. But be careful and learn the difference between Ethyl alcohol and methanol Too for safety in use.

6. Instructions about wearing a cloth mask or mask

School children are required to wear a mask every time in the school area. Except while eating Parents should be instructed to wear a mask and choose a good face mask for your child. Such as cotton muslin or saloon cloth That can block the mist and may have a hole for the air filter as well But in this section. we can make your own mask, save a lot of money. You can also choose the fabric grade. If choosing a mask, you should choose a standard. Do not choose a cheap or too thin material. 

7. Parents must wear masks as well.

Parents must also wear a surgical mask or face mask when going out of the house as well. Whether to send or receive children from school If parents don’t wear their children, they may be able to mimic the behavior. 

Therefore, when you go out every time you should wear a mask. But when living together at home can remove as normal In addition, everyone in the home must develop a healthy lifestyle. By washing your hands every time when you eat. Before and after going to the bathroom and doing various activities in the house.

8 receiving-sending children

When you have to send your child to school Schools should strictly follow the prevention of COVID 19 . Wear a mask Park in the area specified by the school. If the school has a separate zone for direct delivery, follow that and leave a distance of not less than 1 meter from the other parents. Or enter the channel provided by the school and remember to cooperate when going through the point. School screening before picking up or delivering children.

9. Parents should understand Symptoms of COVID 19

At times, many people may not be able to distinguish whether your child has a common cold or if they have COVID-19. Today we have a table showing the differences between COVID 19 and the common cold. 

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