How is COVID 19 spread?

How is COVID 19 spread?

As we all know, COVID 19 is contagious in three ways: through the nose,mouth and eyes. Which can be caused by accidental exposure to the secretions of infected people, for example:

• Hand contact: that may be exposed to the secretions of the addict. (Like saliva) and accidentally touched his nose, mouth and eyes again.

• Aerosol: Exposure to infectious secretions that are aerosols and splashes into your nose, mouth and eyes from coughing, sneezing, close talking, etc.

How to protect yourself from COVID-19

That is why the World Health Organization (WHO) is campaigning for people to wash their hands often and to wear protective masks. To reduce the risk of infection and transmission You can read more information in our article ” How to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus or COVID-19 “.

Guidelines for students In the situation of COVID 19

For schools or educational institutions with students, teachers, caretakers, including owners.Various departments such as cooks, even the house cleaning, etc. It can be a place with many types of people – many ages. Many together Therefore there is a risk of easily spreading infection. Therefore, educational institutions must have Measures for the prevention of COVID-19 at schools or universities. And for students or Parents must also cooperate in preventing COVID 19 and abide by the rules and regulations.

1. Wear a surgical mask or cloth mask all the time in the school.

Mask mask N95 or cloth mask is one of the items that are indispensable in the cattle wid it, because it will help protect you from viruses, Corona well. 

As for the N95 masks and masks, of course, they are good enough to repel water or splash from splashes. But for that cloth mask You will also need to choose a type of fabric that will repel mist as well, such as cotton, muslin, or saloon. 

Confirmed by Department of Medical Sciences And the Ministry of Public Health says it can be used to prevent COVIC 19 as well. If you want a cloth mask to prevent PM2.5 dust as well. You will need to choose a cloth mask with a filter layer for the dust filter For those who would like to make their own fabric masks.

For when to use the mask repeatedly UV rays are needed to kill COVID-19. You can also use the UV dryer.

Popularly used to clean baby bottles, to reuse the mask . You can read more about the article “ UV Dryer and UV Lamp for Kovid Viruses ”. Reuse

In regards to disposing of used masks We recommend that you cut the ear strap. Or pierce the middle of the mask before discarding And should be put in a bag completely covered every time as well (Make sure to wash your hands after removing the mask thoroughly as well.)

Note: Students can wear masks with colorful patterns as usual, because the main purpose of wearing masks is to prevent and reduce the spread of coronavirus .

2. Spacing Social Distancing

Not staying in crowded areas Or, avoid getting close to people around you, even if you and your friends are close. But now everyone must be spaced at least one to two meters apart until a vaccine or cure for COVID can be invented ( the progress of a vaccine or a cure for COVID ). Should be avoided. People who have cough, sneezing, fever, runny nose, etc.

In addition, it is important to maintain a distance between sitting, studying, eating, and group activities for relaxation. Or playing sports that require more than 6 players should be refrained first.

Note: Both and so, you should keep your distance or social distancing throughout the day. Whether you’re coming to school on public transport or while you’re in the school.

3. Wash your hands with soap and clean water often.

Try to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap. It is recommended to wash the milk at least 20 seconds before lunch. After going to the toilet And should refrain from touching the face If it is not convenient to wash your hands, use it as Hand sanitizer. With a concentration of at least 70%. In the case of hand washing frequently until dry hands lack moisture, recommend to read the article ” Prevent dry hands. From washing hands often “

Note: However, if possible, we recommend that you wash your hands with soap and clean water. Because washing your hands with soap and clean water is washing out germs The virus leaves the hands to flow with the water with soap to help. Compared to using hand sanitiser, hand sanitizer is effective in killing the virus. But the infection will remain in your hands.

4. Clean the areas that often touch the skin.

Whether it is a stationery such as a pen, pencil, book, correction device. And a pencil case, etc. It may be used as Wet tissue sterilization formula , wipes for disinfecting bleach , Spray disinfectant. Or spray alcohol at least 70% concentration and remember to keep Clean your mobile phone often too.

School supplies

Note: When making alcoholic hand gel or spray with alcohol by itself should ensure that methanol is not dangerous to the body. Other accessories, such as watches or eyeglasses, will need to be cleaned at home. The cleaning details can be read from ” How to Clean Watches and Jewelry ” or using “Special Jewelry Cleaner ” for a few hundred baht.

5. Take your personal belongings

Personal items that you may need to carry. Such as handkerchiefs, tissue paper , utensils , glasses, water bottles, and stationery to prevent unnecessary sharing of things with others. Or, if anyone wants to bring a lunch box to eat, it looks like a good idea, both clean, safe and money saving in the bag as well .

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