Check signal list “Stomach cancer”

Check signal list “Stomach cancer”

” Stomach Cancer ”  or Stomach Cancer is one of the top 10 “cancer” diseases that Thai people are the most. Who is still not interested in their “health” recommends hurrying to take care of yourself. Because today the disease is very close to us And it always stares to hurt you. If you still let go Not changing lifestyle habits While still using a heavy body, no exercise not taking care of food It will make it easier for us to have various diseases.

Deep knowledge of “stomach cancer” disease near you

“Stomach cancer” number 3 of deaths from cancer worldwide.

Do you know the information from the International Cancer Research Institute? The World Health Organization, or GLOBOCAN, in 2018 stated that “gastric cancer”  is the third leading cause of death from cancer worldwide. It also has the fifth highest incidence of all cancers.

The initial “symptoms” of “stomach cancer” that you are unaware of!

The scariest of the disease “Gastric cancer” is a symptom in the early stages. This appears to be common and mild symptoms such as bloating, frequent burping, heartburn, abdominal pain, abdominal pain, nausea, and loss of appetite, etc. As the stage of the disease develops more. May cause stomach discomfort Especially the abdomen in the upper and middle. Blood in the stool Vomiting blood, weight loss, fatigue, or may resemble symptoms of another disease such as peptic ulcer disease. Stomach virus Which may cause these warning signs to be ignored With understanding that it is a symptom of another disease

Characteristics of “gastric cancer”

“Stomach cancer” has many characteristics, including necrosis that occurs in the stomach lining. Cancer of the lymph nodes of the stomach And cancer of the connective tissue or gist cancer (GIST) for different causes.

Causes of “stomach cancer” 

With various characteristics of “Stomach cancer” causes “Stomach cancer” is different, including infection with H. Pylori bacteria (H. Pylori) in the stomach or duodenum. Chronic stomach inflammation From eating certain foods that cause inflammation, such as grilled, smoked, salty or fermented foods. Heavy smoking Or drink alcohol regularly, genetics, including those who have had cancer in other parts of the body before.

Risk groups “stomach cancer”

In addition to the above factors, there are other physical characteristics. Of those in the risk group to be “Stomach cancer” that should be careful and check the body regularly include people aged 40 years and over, the disease is more than twice as common in males than females, it is more common in Asians than other races and is found in people with Type A blood Than other groups People with a history of stomach surgery for more than 20 years and people with severe anemia (Pernicious Anemia). 

Other diseases that occur with the stomach

Bloating, frequent burping, heartburn, abdominal pain, stomach cramps, nausea, or no appetite. Just one of the symptoms May not be specific to “Stomach cancer” is always going to have other diseases. That are more common than stomach cancer, such as gastritis, acid reflux disease, etc.

Check for “stomach cancer”

For the diagnosis of stomach cancer It starts with a history taking and physical examination. Some require multiple symptoms Complementary symptoms Some patients require continuity of follow-up treatment. To know that it is “Stomach cancer”Therefore changing the medical facility indefinitely When symptoms do not improve May delay diagnosis When doctors suspect that any patient may have cancer There will be additional testing methods, including swallowing of opaque powder. By having the patient swallow water mixed with a powdery opaque substance. 

This will coat the esophagus and small intestine and take periodic X-rays. To be able to see the lump or other abnormalities, but this method may not be popular because the lesion is not directly visible. But often used to check the esophagus and stomach Than endoscopy of the upper gastrointestinal tract To conduct an evaluation of lesions within the stomach This endoscopic method is very popular. 

In addition to seeing the lesion directly Can also cut tissue samples to prove pathology Check for pathogenic bacteria in the stomach. And can be injected to stop bleeding while bleeding in the stomach. Endoscopy with ultrasound To know the depth of cancer Or spread of the cancer to nearby organs Computed tomography or CT scan so the doctor can see where the disease is.

How to treat “stomach cancer”

Assistant Professor Dr. Thatchatorn, M.D. Happy Somboon Charoen Cancer Unit Department of Internal Medicine Chiang Mai University Describe the treatment for this type of cancer. The treatment of stomach cancer requires cooperation from a team of doctors in various fields, such as surgeons, radiologists, and internal cancer specialists.To plan an effective treatment And most suitable for each patient.  

The doctor will evaluate the treatment based on many factors such as size, location, nature of cancer cells. Stage of disease and spread of cancer cells Including the overall health of the patient. If the patient does not have too many congenital or concomitant limitations.  In some cases there may be complementary treatment. Whether this is supplementation with chemotherapy (Chemotherapy) alone or chemotherapy in combination with radiotherapy. (Radiotherapy) depending on the suitability of each patient.

Treat “stomach cancer” with immune therapy and fight cancer cells.

However, these complementary treatments To reduce the incidence of recurrence of the disease If it is a stage that cannot be surgically removed Or spread And still have good overall health Treatment of cancer at this stage can use chemotherapy drugs. (Chemotherapy) may be given in combination with drugs that are specific to cancer cells (Targeted Therapy) or drugs to inhibit the formation of blood vessels. (Anti-angiogenesis), including immunotherapy. (Immunotherapy), which is the use of the immune system in the body to fight cancer cells. To inhibit the control system and order the destruction of foreign cells Or stop the destruction of the body’s cells Because in some cases cancer cells use this system to hide from damage by the body’s immune system. This group of drugs was developed. 

Protection method “Stomach cancer”

However, at present The exact cause of the birth is not yet known. “Stomach cancer” thus making it impossible to find concrete preventive measures. So change “behavior,” so it is important to reduce the probability and the risk of developing this disease is to exercise regularly. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly. To help add fiber and vitamins to the body Avoid eating fermented foods, smoked foods, grilled foods. 

The girls heard, heard the information. Do you start to feel the fear of the disease yet? Come on … Let’s get up and change our behavior. Do you exercise a little a day? Slim too. Beautiful with  4 postures “lose belly”, fix “big legs” within 1 month,  follow and read about “health” fun here. 

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