8 sleep behaviors that have to stop if you don’t want to “bad skin”

8 sleep behaviors that have to stop if you don’t want to “bad skin”

Girls, have you ever said that looking in the mirror after just waking up and being shocked by the sight? Because the facial skin does not look bright, dark under the eyes and the hair is tangled. That is because “sleep” directly affects our health and beauty, many people may not be aware that “Sleep behavior” that is done regularly until becoming a habit can adversely affect the skin. Then MIRROR has gathered 8 behaviors that cause “bad skin” together ( 15 ways to “skin care” for people who do not like makeup. )

1. Like sleeping on your side or on your stomach

Each girl usually has her own sleeping position that makes it easy to fall asleep. But did you know that sleeping poses can affect our health and skin? Anyone who likes to sleep on the stomach, in addition to the risk of back pain There is also a greater chance of premature aging because your face will come in direct contact with the pillowcase.

Absolutely the wrinkles of the pillowcase. Sleeping in this position regularly can cause forehead creases that ” retinol ” cannot be removed, especially if the pillowcase is not clean. Inflammatory acne may be followed separately. Another sleeping position that can also cause wrinkles is lying on your side. Because the surface still touches the pillowcase Plus the fine lines in the cheeks will look deeper. It is best to get used to sleeping on your back without touching your face with the pillowcase. But you should not lie on your back without supporting the pillow Because the head is in the same plane as the body, the body fluid flows to the eye area and makes the eyes appear puffy or have bags under the eyes.

2. Do not wash makeup thoroughly.

Make-up stains, oils, environmental fumes and free radicals that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis can clog pores, cause acne, and wrinkle the skin more quickly than it should. In addition, unclean facial cleansing can also cause skin to dry, irritate, or even lead to infection. Therefore, no matter how late you go back or become exhausted, you can hardly open your eyes. You have to wash your face to remove dirt and makeup thoroughly before going to bed every night.

3. Not enough rest

A little sleep doesn’t just make you look worn and tired the next day. But it also makes your skin puffy and under the eyes will darken noticeably. Because our bodies need adequate sleep for our systems to has repaired the wear and tear, including stimulating the production of collagen, enhancing blood flow And reducing the swelling of bags under the eyes. The best way is to sleep for 7-9 hours per night and should sleep at the time to get used to the body. If regularly When it’s time to sleep, you girls will feel tired and fall asleep more easily.

4. Drink alcohol before bed.

Someone likes to sip beautiful wine. Do you have a glass before bed? Say, if you have one, listen to this, because drinking alcoholic beverages before bedtime is one of the factors that adversely affect the cycle of sleep. Partying with your girlfriends or going to a party that requires drinking alcohol. Stop drinking alcohol and switch to plain water 3-4 hours before your bedtime. This principle can be applied to women who are addicted to tea, coffee or soft drinks as well because “caffeine” stays in our body for up to 12 hours after we consume it. And of course, caffeine is another factor that interferes with the cycle of sleep.

5. I rarely change bed sheets and pillowcases.

Bedsheets and pillowcases are a source of dirt and germs that accumulate from our sleep every night. Such as sweat stains, oil that the skin and scalp produced. Not counting the bacteria that might be trapped in us from outside. These are the causes of acne, skin inflammation and irritation. In order to avoid the negative effects of the above We should wash and change the sheets and pillowcases at least once a week. But if someone doesn’t have that time. Because our face and hair must be in direct contact Investing in a silk pillowcase can also help reduce facial wrinkles caused by pressing against the fabric. With the properties of the silk that is slippery and can adjust the temperature according to the room temperature. 

6. Sleep

Because the hair has natural oils that the scalp produces Including the hair care products that we use each day. Whether it is shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, or dry shampoo. Leaving your hair during sleep can lead to pimples from clogging your pores or other irritations. An easy way to prevent these problems is to tie your hair in a ponytail or loose bun. Occipital area Be careful not to tie it too tight or too high. This can damage the health of your hair  ( beautiful hair with easy volume with dry shampoo ).

7.Sleep in a room that’s too cold

The girls’ bedrooms most probably will have air conditioning. Even if anyone who likes to adjust the temperature to be very cold Our skin becomes dry, dehydrated and needs more care than usual. Therefore has to pay attention to hydrating the skin. Apply skin care products that add water to both the face and body. Or you can try using them as Essential Oils because they help nourish, soften, moisturize and coat the skin from water loss in one step. Or try to find a steamer in the room to humidify the air.

It is another way to help preserve our skin to remain moisturized. You can also drop into your favorite essential oils. Both add water to the skin and smell the scent, creating an atmosphere in the same room. Make you feel bored Leave a little that Should choose to use essential oils extracted from 100% nature only because we have to inhalation directly into the body. If contaminated with chemicals, it can be harmful to your health (the benefits of lavender oil that you don’t know yet ).

8. Do not apply moisturizer before bed.

Night creams do more of the moisture in the skin than day creams. It comes with ingredients that help deal with skin problems such as dehydration, wrinkles, or dullness. And the night cream is also designed to work effectively when we sleep. 

Therefore, not applying the cream before bed is equal to that of you. Young ladies miss the chance to pamper your skin during a period of restoration of degraded skin cells while your body is fully rested. As for anyone who has dry lips. Applying a lip balm with a rich texture before bed will solve this problem. Because during our sleep We do not use our lips for speaking or eating. Thus enabling lip balm to nourish our lips deeply .

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