Can be stressed but not for long Moment spreads… depression.

Can be stressed but not for long Moment spreads… depression.

Depression is a common disease that we have recently heard of. It is a disease that people in society are still very misunderstood. Many people understand that depression Or people with depression Born of sadness Stress only, but in fact, depression is not cured, just people around him say “fight, fight” because  depression occurs for many reasons. 

May be caused by a chemical disorder in the brain The name Serotonin (Serotonin) to be treated. Not recover by itself Caused by the attitude in life, looking at yourself negatively. With stress Or going through bad events A grieving event in life can be a trigger for an even more severe depression.

So during working age which is the age where depression is the most.

 Because it is a time to experience work stress from various life crises, there should be a way to eliminate stress or gradually relieve it. So as not to be a trigger for depression to work. Because if it progresses to depression, it may take time to treat it. And if you don’t know yourself Or those around you do not notice. The result in lifestyle changes. Not working well Not happy in life or if it is really bad and suicide at all.

Symptoms of depression may be initially noticed as follows:

• Eating less food, loss of appetite, weight loss or poor sleep, waking up in the middle of the night because of anxiety, stress, debilitating the body. There may be flatulence, which is called the body system is completely variable.

• Mood changes easily fluctuate . Many people with depression. May cause mood changes easily, easily angry, easily upset or sensitive, crying, sad, easily frustrated Anything that looks sad, not fresh, tired of everything.

• Concentrate, memory loss . Depression can lead to difficulty concentrating on what to do. When watching movies, listening to music, there is a lack of concentration and memory may be lost. I don’t remember anything Can’t remember whether you did it or not I can’t remember what I said Even though the event just happened

• Decrease in performance. Depression can make work worse, slow down, feel sluggish and lethargic.

For a way to take care of yourself that may not be Or fear that you will suffer from depression Is when there is a problem Or stress, don’t let it Especially at work, if you have stress problems, talk to your coworker or supervisor to find a solution. Or have emptied To alleviate stress

Find activities that help bring happiness to yourself. Regular exercise can also help. Because the body will release a happy substance that can reduce stress The key is to see the value of yourself. Believe in yourself It is the most sustainable way to avoid depression. 

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