“Dust mites” the danger is deep, the cause of allergy!

“Dust mites” the danger is deep, the cause of allergy!

Dust mites” the danger is deep, the cause of allergy!

Is your husband sleeping with anyone else? Ask like this will not make a difference to anyone’s house. But let’s remind each other before it’s late because the bedroom is on the bed that you sleep every day Maybe not only you and your husband There may be a small uninvited guest, a young “dust mite” lying with every night. Dust mites silent disaster Hidden in the bedroom It is not easy to get rid of. But, yes, you can’t. Come to know dust mites The number one cause of allergy And find a way to knock out each other.

What allergens are in the house?

Allergens That provoke anaphylaxis The substance can be divided into Indoor allergens and outdoor allergens.

  • Indoor allergens
  • House dust mites
  • The remains of insects and excreta of various insects such as cockroaches, ants
  • Fur (Animal dander) such as cats and dogs.
  • Mold spores
Dust mites

Mites (mite) , there are many kinds of people do not like the hair of animals like birds, mice, however, for dust mites in the home. It is often called house dust mite. The feces of these mites is a protein that qualifies as an allergen or allergen that can cause allergies to people.

The appearance of dust mites It is one of the animals belonging to the Phylum Arthopoda, as well as insects and arachnids, because it has four double legs, oval shape, but much smaller, about 0.1-0.3 millimeters, so it is almost invisible to the naked eye. Its body is white like dust.

Where do dust mites like? Lives in a temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius and in a high humidity 60-70 percent does not like light. So dust mites can be found in bedrooms, on mattresses, pillows, blankets, rugs, or most of the fibers.

How do dust mites cause allergies?

May be allergic to dust mites themselves Dust mites are dead, but most are dust mite feces. Dust mite feces are proteins that can stimulate the body to release substances that cause hypersensitivity. Causes allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes when inhaling dust mite feces in the home bedroom, especially for people prone to allergies. It can easily cause allergy symptoms.

Dust mites do not bite. But if there is an itch on the skin May be caused by irritation. Against dust mite allergens or May be caused by other causes such as mosquito bites, ant bites.

Dust mites, the number one cause of allergy

“Dust mites” are the number one cause of allergy in Thailand. And is a problem in almost every country of the world

Statistics of allergy causes in allergic patients

  • Allergy to dust mites 60-80%
  • Allergy to curses 40 +%
  • Wool allergy 10%
  • Allergic to pollen 10%
  • 2-10% mold allergy
  • Food allergy 1-5%
Bedroom villain dust mites

Every day we spend one third of our lives in the bedroom. So bedroom It should be a safe place for us. It is a place where we can rest and sleep comfortably. But each day that we sleep We had no idea there was a little villain that lurked on our bed every night.

The mattress is the area where dust mites Secretly living with us every day Without our knowledge, the study found information about dust mites and mattresses as follows

  • A mattress made of kapok in 1 gram of dust found an average of 63 dust mites.
  • Synthetic sponges in 1 gram of dust found an average of 34 dust mites.
  • Coconut fiber mattress in 1 gram of dust found an average of 10 mites.
  • The service life of the mattress With the amount of dust mites
  • At a mattress with a lifespan of 9 years, in 1 gram of dust, an average of 83 mites were found.
  • Mattress with a service life of 7-9 years, in 1 gram of dust found an average of 41 dust mites.
  • For a mattress that has a service life of 4-6 years, in 1 gram of dust, an average of 26 mites were found.
  • Mattress with a service life of 0-3 years, in 1 gram of dust found an average of 8 mites.
  • Even if it’s a new mattress, it still has dust mites.

With research reports that A new mattress that has been used for 4-6 months can detect allergens from dust mites that exceed international standards.

  • What allergies can dust mites cause?
  • Allergic rhinitis (Allergic rhinitis)
  • Asthma (Asthma)
  • Allergic conjunctivitis (Allergic conjunctivitis)
  • Atopic dermatitis
Major symptoms from allergies

– general symptoms of allergies Common symptoms are cough, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, nasal congestion, rash.

– Symptoms of patients with allergic rhinitis There will be a stuffy, runny nose caused by inflammation in the nasal cavity, making it possible to detect swollen nasal passages.

– Symptoms in asthmatic patients The doctor will detect abnormal lung sounds. Is the sound of Weed

– Symptoms of allergic dermatitis In addition to coughing, sneezing, and runny noses, there is often an itchy, red, blistery rash on the skin.

What should I do when I have allergies?

When you know that you have anaphylaxis or that you are allergic to something We might try to avoid it, but dust mites, which are quite difficult to avoid allergens, can easily cause allergic reactions. When having a mild allergy, we may consult a pharmacist. Buying safe antihistamines To relieve initial allergic reactions

Antihistamines Medicines used to treat initial allergies such as

– Antihistamines or antihistamines (Antihistamine) is a direct antihistamine such as Loratadine (Loratadine), which is a highly safe, inexpensive antihistamine, can be purchased for yourself. And is also an antihistamine in a group that does not cause sleepiness Like antihistamines in the past Which can be used to relieve symptoms of respiratory allergies such as mucus reduction, nasal congestion, runny nose, itching, as well as alleviating other allergic symptoms such as rashes.

– Medicines such as steroids such as Prednisolone, Dexa, Methasone, etc. These drugs are suitable as antihistamines in the form of topicals. To treat and relieve skin allergies Should not be used to take medicine Because it is a very dangerous drug

How to defeat the evil dust mites in the bedroom in the house?

– Wash and dry in the sun, bedding , washing will help remove allergens well. Because mites are easily aqueous solution Including sun exposure To be exposed to the sun for a long time Causing dust mite eggs to atrophy

– Wash and iron with heat Using heat, such as washing with hot water, drying clothes or ironing, can kill the mites.Dust mites exposed to direct heat of 60 ° C cause the mites to die in 30 minutes and heat to 70 ° C. The mites die in 3 minutes. But may not be able to destroy dust mite allergens

– Use a cloth to prevent dust mites. Using a cloth to prevent dust mites Not elimination Or reduce the amount of dust mites Rather, it is avoided to minimize exposure to dust mites and allergens. When using a dust mite protective cover to cover the mattress, pillow and bedding, it can prevent the debris from spreading out of the bedding to come into contact with us. Has the effect of reducing inhalation

– Avoid using carpet in the bedroom. Carpet is a good habitat for dust mites. Same as the mattress And the carpet is also washed It is more difficult to clean than bedding. If possible, use carpets in the home. Or in the bedroom

– Let sunlight shine all over the room, arrange the house or bedroom, let the sunlight shine through the room To help reduce humidity And also uses sunlight to kill dust mites as well

– Use a vacuum cleaner Choose a vacuum cleaner with a double-layer bag or a thick bag to prevent the spread of allergens.HEPA filter is included.

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