Raw banana benefits

Raw banana benefits

Japanese people love to eat bananas . Especially bananas, both because of their belief in effective weight loss and the abundant nutritional value of bananas. 


Banana benefits as far as I have researched It can help promote health and prevent a wide range of ailments. Let’s try it.

  1. Bananas are high in iron. Stimulates the production of hemoglobin in the blood Thus helping to prevent anemia
  2. Bananas are high in potassium. But with low salt content This makes it a perfect food that will help lower blood pressure well.
  3. The high potassium content in bananas is good for brain maintenance. Help students become more alert in their studies Especially if you eat bananas at breakfast and lunch every day.
  4. The fiber and residue contained in bananas help normalize their bowel movements. Solve the problem of constipation
  5. Bananas contain Try Potophan protein to reduce stress. Can relax your mood Therefore can prevent depression
  6. Drinking a banana smoothie with milk and honey is the most effective hangover cure. Because bananas will help. The stomach calms down The honey will add the amount of sugar in the blood vessels. And milk helps to balance the fluid levels in the body
  7. Bananas contain natural antacids. Solve the problem of colic
  8. Bananas contain vitamin B6 and contain glucose regulators that can affect mood. Can help calm the nervous system. 
  9. Eating bananas in the morning and eating them as a snack during the day. Will maintain the blood sugar level stable as well
  10. The inside of the banana peel can cure the itchy rash caused by mosquito bites.
  11. Bananas are food that doctors use to control ulcerative bowel disease. Because the banana pulp is just soft It is neutral, not acidic. This reduces irritation in the stomach and coats the intestinal wall well.
  12. Bananas have the effect of helping regulate body temperature. Especially in women who are pregnant It is believed that if the mother eats bananas every day Babies who are born have a cooler than normal body temperature.
  13. Bananas help you quit smoking faster. Due to the high content of vitamin C, B6, B12 and also potassium and magnesium, it helps the body recover quickly from nicotine deficiency
Research in “The New England Journal of Medicine” indicates that eating bananas regularly can reduce the risk of stroke by 40%.

Thai herbal wisdom Believed that bananas have the effect of helping to cure warts By placing the inside of the skin over the wart, then using a wound dressing or tape to attach the yellow side of the banana peel to the outside. Will make the warts heal

This tremendous amount of properties You can’t ignore the banana, right?

For myself The most interesting thing about the medicinal properties of bananas is It is used as a medicine for gastric ulcer and colic distension.

Thai herbal texts indicate that Kluai Nam Wa can be used to make medicine, both raw and ripe, especially raw bananas contain tannins, astringent substances that can inhibit the growth of bacteria very well. Thus helping to protect the stomach and intestinal wall from germs and spicy food such as chili to destroy the intestinal tissue wall. It helps to cure diarrhea as well.

For bananas that are just starting to ripen or impulsive Which the shell is still sporadically green It is both a medicine and a food that is very good for people with diarrhea. Because in addition to helping resolve diarrhea It also helps lubricate the intestines, increasing waste when excreting.

Semi-raw bananas are very high in potassium. When diarrhea, your body loses a lot of potassium. Eating bananas is well compensated. If the person with diarrhea allows the body to lose potassium. Going too much can lead to an irregular heartbeat, including a heart attack.

Rotten bananas also contain serotonin, stimulating the gastric wall to build more mucous membranes. Thus helping to coat stomach ulcers

How to eat bananas as a real medicine to treat the symptoms of gastritis is a difficult process. Beginning with sliced ​​raw bananas, they are dried in the hot sun or dried at 50 degrees Celsius.

Never use higher heat. Because if using high heat Substances in bananas that have therapeutic effects of gastritis are lost. Or suddenly lose power

I have been suffering from gastroenteritis. Would not be damaged to take himself as a drug test rodent So I arranged to make herbal medicine, mashed banana powder and eat by myself.

Let’s start by going to find a bunch of raw bananas that are very old, peeled, cut off the glasses, sun-dried.

The tricky process is cutting some glasses. Because raw bananas have sticky rubber on the hand, stuck to the knife Quite difficult to do It takes a really high patience.

Cut bananas if they are not the same size, they will have problems when exposed to the sun. Is that it will not dry the same When crushed or pounded, the fineness will be uneven. There are both thin and sticky parts.

I made banana powder on a very sunny day. Because I don’t want to bake bananas at all Fear of losing the medicinal properties and vitamins. Go with the heat Even with only 50 degrees Celsius, it wasted a lot of time cutting a whole banana comb. I remember it was over for hours.
After that, they are placed in a tray. Not allowing each piece to overlap In order to be exposed to the full sun It takes a few hours to dry. Around noon until three o’clock in the afternoon, it is completely dry.

When looking at the banana plate Saw that it was dry, then took it and pounded it with a stone mortar.

You, this time, it is very suffering to grind bananas into fine powder, have to pound, sift, and then remove the remaining pulp and pound again. Over and over again Many times, many times to finally get the powder out.

And only learned later that Among many well-known traditional herbal producers He has made ready-made banana powder packaged in sachets and sold widely.

Manufacturing process when it is an industry It should be mainly used in baking and ground into powder with a grinder. Not the traditional pounding of mortars like I do.

The finished raw banana powder, as seen, is sold for drinking, 20 sachets per box, 10 grams per box, about 95 baht per box, sold in herbal drug stores. Including those sold through online stores on various websites.

How to use is not complicated. Just dissolve the banana powder with hot water. Or you can add honey as well. Eat 3 times a day before meals.

I have to admit that the homemade banana powder pill really works according to its properties. Although it does not cure stomach disease symptoms completely But it helped alleviate the symptoms by more than half Making us not have to rely too much on prescription drugs. 

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