I want to sleep but I can’t sleep. Is it a mental illness?

I want to sleep but I can’t sleep. Is it a mental illness?

   Insomnia, difficulty sleeping, waking up until not getting enough rest Became a big problem. for the new generation Which may be caused by some chronic diseases such as allergies, asthma, high blood pressure and mental problems Stress and worries Which, of course, affects life You will feel tired during the day. It causes problems at work, which is found in 1/3 of the population with problems with insomnia. 
Get to know insomnia is a disease with disorders in the sleep cycle. It can be divided into three types of insomnia. Type 1 is difficult to sleep: there will be symptoms. It takes an hour for type 2 sleep without resistance.

Often wake up in the middle of the night, such as in the evening may be able to sleep. But will wake up soon Some people may wake up and go back to sleep again.
     People with insomnia may have only one of the symptoms. Or a combination of several And of course, when there is insomnia during the night, it will affect during the day, causing you to feel weak, tired, headache, trouble concentrating, drowsiness, etc.

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Causes of insomnia

• Environmental problems such as too bright temperature, traffic noise, television, too narrow or too wide sleeping area. Or sleep that makes it difficult to sleep
• problems from the body such as illness, abdominal pain, body pain Is a sleep-related disorder Respiratory
problems Cough • Mental problems such as stress, anxiety, pressure or depression and frustration. Think you are worthless Too much attached to myself Not work as expected
• It is also linked to lifestyle behaviors that may result in severe insomnia.For example, drinking alcohol, caffeine in coffee, cigarettes, or taking certain drugs can affect sleeping on an empty stomach, causing discomfort. Hungry up late at night Or too full Until it becomes cramped in the middle of the night and insomnia, including some types of jobs such as jobs that require frequent sleep changes, such as guard nurses, etc.

Cure insomnia

     The method of treatment depends on the cause of insomnia in the individual. Which must be separated to determine which cause If caused by the habit of sleeping Your doctor will advise you on the correct sleep habits. But if caused by mental or nervous system diseases such as depression, bipolar disorder, nervous disorders, awake Your doctor may recommend a combination of medications.
What kind of insomnia Should see a psychiatrist
     many times in which we do not sleep well. Or insomnia for more than 3 consecutive days / week for a period of more than 1 month will affect mood, concentration, memory, stress, stress, anxiety. Disturb your mind It has an impact on mood and performance. You should consult your doctor. The doctor will make a diagnosis by asking about the history of the illness. Sleep habits Problems that cause nervousness In conjunction with a thorough physical exam to find the cause of insomnia.

Insomnia prevention

1. Go to bed as a time to adjust the sleep behavior at a time. Do not nap during the day. Does not pressure himself to sleep It may send people to make themselves worry.
2. Drink warm water before bed, try to relax. Avoid drinking beverages that stimulate the nerves after lunch, such as coffee or tea, and smoking, as this can make it difficult to fall asleep.
3. Exercise regularly. But avoid strenuous exercise before bedtime. Exercise may help us sleep more comfortably. But the time you exercise can have an impact on your sleep. Because if you are exercising during an inappropriate time It will make you sleep more difficult.
4. Try to fall asleep by yourself. Avoiding the use of sleeping pills

     Problems with insomnia, lack of sleep, or lack of rest. Of course, it will adversely affect the body, causing the body system to work properly. It increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. And problems with the cardiovascular system The immune system works with a decrease in efficiency, so you should not be sedated. The cause should be found. And properly prevent and treat .

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