Never get bored The charm of Kyoto in 4 seasons

Never get bored The charm of Kyoto in 4 seasons

If talking about the top famous tourist attractions in Japan Would not pass Kyoto Which used to be the former capital of Japan. That still retains the aura of ancient Japanese culture.Through the architecture of various temples Including the nature that surrounds the city No matter how many times I travel, I will never get bored. In addition, Kyoto is a city that can be visited all year round. Even after one season has passed from one season to another, it does not diminish the sights of Kyoto. In this article, we will reveal the charm of Kyoto in 4 seasons that no matter what season you visit, you will be able to leave an unforgettable impression from this city.

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The best festivals in spring

Kyoto’s tourist attractions are full of seasonal colors, whether it be spring, summer, autumn or winter. It would not be an exaggeration. If you say that no matter what season you go to Kyoto. It will find the beauty of nature that is different according to the unforgettable season. Because Kyoto is always beautifully made by nature, starting in the autumn. In addition to the autumn of Tokyo that has many tourists visiting it. 

Spring also has a lot of tourists. As a result, spring has as many interesting festivals and events as the other seasons, such as the Hokyo-ji Temple’s Hina Festival, where the Taiko Hanamikia festival is held. Waretsu (Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s Sakura-Viewing Parade) of Daikoji Temple, which will be held on the second Sunday of April. The Yasurai Festival of Imamiya Shrine The second Sunday of April every year as well, etc.

These festivals receive the attention of many tourists. Especially the cherry blossom season is the most joyful spring in Kyoto. Viewing cherry blossoms in full bloom in various temples It is something that should miss.  As well as seeing the beautiful sagging cherry tree like a large waterfall, spreading down tens of meters long. Which is a symbol of Kyoto Prefecture. I can even watch at night the sky decore with millions of stars and the background is a big circle. The more beautiful, it becomes an impression that will remain in memory for a long time.

Kyoto and the freshness in summer

If talking about summer in Japan, Kyoto is a city that is known as hotter than any other prefecture. The reason why Kyoto is particularly hot is said to be because of its basin-like landscape. Making it able to retain heat well It is also difficult to discharge as well. When to look at the summer temperature report in Japan Kyoto is often the top Always at high temperatures. Of course, this kind of heat is definitely not a joy for residents of Kyoto prefecture or tourists. But still, it was not to the point that it would not be able to live at all. 

Although the views in Kyoto in summer may not be as beautiful as in other seasons. But the summer is beautiful as well. Especially if you have the opportunity to visit the temples and the greenery of the trees in the summer. The gentle cry of a wren And the sound of chasing insects racing. Makes it possible to enjoy nature even in hot weather also in the summer there are great festivals. That is the famous Gion Festival, one of Japan’s three great festivals. It is held at Sayaka Shrine, which attracts visitors every year in mid-July. Which is the time of various summer festivals Including fireworks many people may prefer to travel in winter more because of the cool climate. But enjoying the exotic scenery and festivals that take place only in summer is no less interesting.

Red leaves symbol of autumn.

Autumn is the best time to enjoy the beautiful nature of Kyoto. If talking about the autumn of Kyoto Nobody does not think of “red leaves” for this reason. When the autumn leaves gradually change from green to red. The number of tourists in Kyoto will increase significantly. If anyone asks where to go see the red leaves. 
One answer in there is definitely Kyoto Prefecture. According to various famous temples Kyoto is full of dazzling red leaves. Along with the crowd of tourists Especially famous temples like “Nanzenji Temple” that rank at the top. That is a place with beautiful autumn colors Also have “Kenninji Temple” and “Tofukuji Temple” are equally beautiful of red leaves. Looking at the temple buildings decorated with these red leaves. Such a picture, a feeling of warmth and security. In addition to the picture of the scenery, whichever way you look. You can only find the red color of the leaves. Interspersed with the greenery of the little grass Resulting in a perfect natural color cut It is a charm that I really do not feel bored.

Beautiful winter in Kyoto

The many fallen leaves littered the ground as a sign of the end of autumn and winter. Kyoto’s winter scenery matches the lonely atmosphere with warmth from the orange-brown color of the trees. Covering all over Kyoto Prefecture, though, many people prefer the atmosphere with red leaves in full bloom more widely. But if you experience Kyoto this season, you will find it unbelievably charming. The scenery that looks comfortable, serene, blends in with the surroundings. Sacred sites such as temples that are covered in pure white snow make it awe-inspiring beauty. Suitable for traveling to heal the mind. Review the stories of the past because this season the tourists are minimal. Also will gradually increase after winter is over in late February. With the beginning of plum blossoms in March, which is like welcoming tourists to a new season.

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