The concept of raising children to prevent separation from society

The concept of raising children to prevent separation from society

One of the problems that is quite large in Japanese society is Problems of separating people from society. Let’s look at the reason for raising children in order to avoid social isolation. And how to help children get out of separation from society according to the concept of Thai mothers in Japan.

The cause of the problem separating from society.

The problem of separating from society or the Hikikomori arises for a variety of reasons. Whether it is a disappointment from one subject such as failure of an exam or at work. Pressures from society and those around them that cause cumulative stress. Until it becomes bored of meeting people and taking pressure. 

It could happen to people who are different or stand out from others. Causing being teased or bullied until losing confidence. Feeling so bad and afraid that you have to choose to isolate yourself from society to escape. However, the separation from society had an even more negative effect on him. When it comes to being alone, depression, self-loathing, and hatred of others may increase. This can lead to various adverse effects such as harming the body and the lives of others, or suicide, etc. Besides adults, this problem is also more common in Japanese children. Now it is found that many children do not want to go to school and cannot live in a school society.

The concept of raising children to prevent their children from being separated from society.

Here are some ideas the authors think that in order to reduce the social isolation problem of that population. The parenting method should be considered at a very young age.

  1. Build a strong mind by giving time, love and hugging from both parents.
  2. Bring your baby into a small society by taking it to the playground regularly. And go to places that allow him to develop social skills through meeting friends of the same age or different age
  3. Do not expect and pressure him to deliver what his parents expect, such as having to study hard to get into a famous school. Having to train hard to represent athletes or career that parents want to achieve, etc.
  4. Let your children do what they like and are good at Children with preferences and aptitudes are self-worth and give them confidence in society.
  5. Keeps changing the extreme thinking of your child creatively without losing his confidence.
  6. Practice the habit of accepting mistakes and learning to remember them as inspiration for life.
  7. Practice the 4 principles of Brahma Vihara, namely mercy, compassion, and compassion to absorb into the child simple habits.
  8. Cultivate a strong personality so as not to pay attention to bad words from friends.
  9. Praise and encouragement to let them know that their parents have confidence in their choices.

How to fix when your child separates from society

  1. Let your child know that the parents are always there for him and believe in him and ready to solve all problems along with him.
  2. Do not scold, hurt or compare your children with others.
  3. Praise and encouragement when he dares to face problems he thinks are serious for him.
  4. Finding alternative schools to give children confidence.
  5. Seek cooperation from teachers and staff in a gradual way. In order for children who have been separated from school to return to school again, for example, even if they do not want to go to the classroom, it is better to come to the nursing room at school than without school. Or attend classes in the study hours that they are good at.
  6. Limit the time of using communication technologies such as television, computer games, the Internet, etc., as this is what causes the separated children to stay in the room for longer.
  7. Waits with confidence that he will be able to return to normal society someday.
From the experience of raising children in Japanese society for more than ten years, I realized that Japanese society is a complex society and lives up to the trend.

Especially raising children. The authors found that in 10 Japanese children studied hard, 7-8 and in special education, there were competitive examinations that were so high that they put stress on them for a long time. Many parents are too serious, such as losing their children in a sporting event so that their children feel bad. Some people care too much about the environment around them. Some of them are perfect parents, and children have to be good and good in everything. Also, many parents are less open to anything new and not open to disappointment. Expecting too much in the offspring Until it pressures and causes many innocent children to grow and become separated from society in the end Not only Japanese people. In this era, Thai parents raise children more expectant. The dangers of depression continue to occur. 

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