How to take care of yourself and your family from depression.

How to take care of yourself and your family from depression.

How to take care of yourself and your family from depression as recommended by Japanese doctors.

In our lives, stress can be caused by many things, such as being overworked but the work doesn’t walk as expected. The disappointment of love Incomprehensibility from family members, illness, problems, higher living costs. Fatigue from raising children and for college students is exams, failures, promotion, etc. According to the survey, 60 percent of depressed patients in Japan are due to work. Let’s take a look at the causes of depression and how to take care of them.

If you’re feeling stressed, some things you can do to relieve your stress are: Go to bed early, go to karaoke, go to the movies, exercise, listen to relaxing music, etc.

Causes of depression

Occupational-induced depression may be due to work or be assigned to work that does not match their preferences and aptitudes. Bad relations between colleagues Are too serious Combined with too much hope for rewards and achievements, it creates an expectation of success in everything you do. And working too much, even with limited power, etc. Very hard work causes concern that you have to work well and clean up all the time. This results in less resting time and becomes chronic stress that eventually leads to depression.

Symptoms that indicate depression
  • Nothing interesting or anything that makes you feel interested.
  • Eating whatever food doesn’t feel good
  • Don’t want to go out I don’t want to meet people and don’t want to answer the phone.
  • Easy to get tired, can’t sleep and wake up very early
  • Frustrated about everything, no matter how little
  • Felt that there was nothing good in this life that led to the thought of self-worth
  • Joint physical symptoms, such as headaches, stiff shoulders, and constipation.
How to treat depression

When depression occurs, it makes sense that dreams and hopes are gone. Coming back to being positive is difficult. But understanding and admitting that they are stressed and depressed And want to get through from these conditions to be able to do so by the following methods

Get enough sleep and rest By consulting a doctor to use drugs that help sleep in order to provide the patient with adequate rest

Taking medications for depression

Change the perspective of work ideas By considering the causes and work patterns that cause depression. And find ways to work to avoid going back to stress that leads to depression, for example, changing the concept of working from the hard work to the morning to late for success to a shorter working time.

  1. Create positive feelings See failures in work as an inspiration, to be strong in solving problems and changing ways to go through, not to fall on yourself. Work is not everything in life.
  2. Families and supporting patients to recover from depression
  3. Family understanding and cooperation are essential in treating depression. Which has the following practices
  4. He did not rush, did not panic and did not give up.
  5. Understand that treating depression takes time.
  6. Postpone important decisions such as retirement or divorce.
  7. Sends a distress signal if the patient does not want to live.
  8. Avoid getting into trouble with the sick person
  9. Avoid fighting words or trying to get in. Because these words will have a negative effect on the patient
  10. Not trying to invite them to see the sights here. Because people with depression do not have a sense of fun going around when their emotions and feelings of fun have not yet returned.
  11. Try not to let the sick person feel like being picky from the family. This will make them annoyed and don’t want to share their feelings.

Depression is like falling into a deep hole. Attempting to get out of the pit on their own, along with the cooperation and encouragement of their family and peers, will allow them to bring themselves from the pit to the light again, and it’s important that depression can heal. It can be cured if there is love in yourself. 

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