how to prevent aging people from odor according to the Japanese method

how to prevent aging people from odor according to the Japanese method

Aging odor is actually the smell of people aged 40 years and older, the smell occurs in both women and men. But it seems that Japanese men over 40 are more likely to smell the elderly. More than women So many people call this scent Uncle. Let’s take a look at the causes of the smell of the elderly and how to prevent the odor of the elderly as recommended by the Japanese.

The cause of the odor of the elderly

The scent of an aged man smells like a blend of wax, old books, candles and mold. This odor is caused by an increase in the body’s ability to suppress the oxidation reaction, resulting in a decrease in unsaturated fatty acids and lipid peroxide in the body. And result in oxidation reaction to break down unsaturated fatty acids on the skin with lipids Peroxide is a catalyst. This causes the accumulation of 2-Nonenal, unsaturated aldehyde. That is the cause of the smell of older people

How to prevent the occurrence of odors for the elderly according to Japanese recommendations

1. Wipe away sweat often.

The accumulated sweat contributes to the growth of bacteria that cause body odor. Wiping sweat often This is one way to reduce the growth of bacteria that can cause body odor and the smell of the elderly.

2. Soak in warm water

Nowadays, most people work in air-conditioned rooms which make them sweat. If you do not sweat, the sweat glands will function to decrease and result in the accumulated waste products in the sweat glands. A warm bath will open the pores and sweat gland waste will come out of the pores and float with the water. If you don’t like warm water Sweating exercise is also a good way to expel the accumulated waste glands from the body.

3. Take a shower or wash your body carefully.

A cleansing bath with an antibacterial soap or a soap that has the effect of removing odors for the elderly. Such as soap containing persimmon extract and green tea, is a good way to do it all morning. And cold to prevent the smell of the elderly In which areas that should be cleaned meticulously are Areas with fat-producing glands. Such as behind the ears, neck, chest and back, to prevent the growth of bacteria that convert fatty acids into unsaturated aldehydes. Which caused the smell of the elderly

4. Don’t smoke

Cigarettes are important factors that increase free radicals in the body and reduce the body’s metabolic function. Causing poor blood circulation And cause the accumulation of waste products in the body As a result, it increases the bad smell by the sebaceous glands and makes the body stink.

5. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, and dietary fiber.

Increased free radicals in the body make lipids. Increased peroxide, lipid peroxide accelerates unsaturated aldehyde. Which caused the elderly odor to follow Therefore, eating foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and carotene will have antioxidant activity. Resulting in reducing the occurrence of lipids Can peroxide

Foods rich in vitamin C include tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, lemons, kiwis, oranges and guava, among others. Its also rich in vitamin E include pumpkin, avocado, sweet potato, asparagus, lemons, kiwis, grapes, nuts, salmon and eels.

Foods rich in carotene include carrots, pumpkin and papaya.

In addition to foods that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and carotene. Dietary fiber and fermented foods, including yogurt, natto, pickles, and kimchi. For example, are rich in lactic acid bacteria, which reduce the number of bad bacteria. And helps improve the intestinal environment, which leads to reducing the odor of the elderly

6. Avoid eating excessive amounts of meat or fat.

Animal fats stimulate the glands to produce sebum to expel excess sebum. Which in addition to enhancing the smell of the elderly, it also makes the body smell bad Also. Avoid foods that are deep fried or that use a lot of oil. Because the linoleic acid in the oil is converted to cholesterol and triglycerides. That will be further changed to lipid Peroxide in the body and cause an older male odor.

7. Avoid building stress.

The accumulated stress in the body produces free radicals. Which leads to promoting the smell of the elderly

In most cases, people who smell old men are unaware that they have body odor. Therefore, people close to have the courage to tell to fix it before it becomes a chronic body odor problem. While deodorants are easy to find, they are just a temporary deodorizer. If you do not want the smell of the elderly, it must be prevented early as above method .

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