Get to know “Agile and Scrum”

Get to know “Agile and Scrum”

Get to know “Agile and Scrum”, the working concept of modern companies.

The Brand Inside readers are probably familiar enough or have been through the eyes with the words “Agile” or “Scrum” already. As the corporate culture is quite prevalent among the tech Company, especially in the Startup, but for those who do not know Today I will talk about ‘Agile and Scrum’ as a whole.

First and foremost, it is to say that ‘Agile’ is  not a form of work but rather an alternative work concept. Because before this, most organizations will work with Project Management systems, which are Project Manager and the team will sit and plan before starting the project. Including money, time, people and others from the beginning to the end of the project. Which is a ‘Waterfall Process’ work, but the Agile concept will result in a different work style.

In fact “Agile is mainly caused by software development companies because of the problems in the existing systems that software companies encounter”

Difficulty in planning Sitting and thinking everything from the beginning to the end of that project. It’s difficult to plan everything perfectly and precisely. Either in the matter of budget that may escalate or the time is not perfect.

Before knowing that it’s a mistake, it’s probably too late in a Waterfall-like system. Before testing a product or software, it’s a test. The Design + Develop is almost finished. If going wrong now, whether with misunderstanding of the requirement or changes, but Editing will be difficult. (Sometimes may even need to be dismantled)

To deal with these problems, the Agile concept is applied instead of planning Set goals and focus on one go. Changed to plan and work little by little And assess whether to proceed well, go the right way, then move on, set short-term goals, and gradually go so that when problems are resolved or when requirement changes, they can handle them better.

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